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About Angela

After years as a harried graphic artist in metro NY, I relocated to the Midwest to live the true artist's life. I joined as a telecommuting content screener in July 2008. The cow-faced clock in my studio ‘moos’ languidly on the hour and keeps bad time, but that’s the way I like it. Creativity rules and I thrive on cooking, baking, decorating and antiquing, along with writing and art. I love stories, especially ones with happily ever afters. My historic gingerbread style home and art studio lined with children’s books is great breeding ground for imagination. Sometimes I live in the real world and act my age. One day I hope to add a children’s book I’ve authored to the others in my collection. Recently remarried, I’ve only just begun my own happily ever after. Together we have six children, six grandchildren and one large slobbering friendly yellow Labrador.

Till Death Do Us Part…Really?

As a Content Screener, I have friends I’ve never met. A mom writes two of her children regularly. She lost one to suicide and the other in the 9/11 attacks. I can’t fathom her pain, but I feel it in … Continue reading

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