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I was the first employee of in 1998. Among other things, this means that during the early years I attempted, through necessity, to do just about every job at the company – with some outcomes better than others! Fortunately we soon built an experienced team like no other company of our kind. And now as CEO, I spend most of my time helping shape our strategic direction. I was raised in Sun Prairie, WI, and attended Beloit College in Wisconsin before receiving my MBA from the University of Chicago. After 9 valuable years in consulting with McKinsey & Company, I decided it was time for a change. My goal was to put my management experience to work on something innovative, entrepreneurial, and good. Why online obituaries? I address that in my first blog post, which I hope you’ll read. I feel lucky to be a part of When I’m not working I enjoy listening to and playing music – my favorite artists include Rush, The Beatles, and Neil Finn/Crowded House. I love every kind of food in existence, ping-pong, a good game of H-O-R-S-E, and Scrabble – best played with my wife and our three kids at home in Evanston. I can be reached via email at

Who owns

I get asked this question often. The answer is simple in a legal sense, but I’d first like to answer a question I believe is more important: What does it mean to be the owner of a company like

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Look who’s reading newspaper obituaries

It happened more than 1.4 million times during August 2011 – Facebook users clicked on a link to a newspaper obituary or guest book. That number climbed to 2.1 million in November, and it looks to exceed 2.5 million this … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s true: More people die in January

Let no man boast himself that he has got through the perils of winter till at least the seventh of May. -Anthony Trollope, Doctor Thorpe 1858 I was recently asked to help settle a debate as to whether or not … Continue reading

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Facebook: Friend or Foe of the Newspaper Obituary?

On December 12, 2010, the New England Patriots came to Soldier Field in Chicago for a game against the hometown Bears. It was supposed to be a marquee matchup between two teams with outstanding records and Super Bowl potential. The … Continue reading

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Newspapers: Dead or Alive?

“Newspapers are dead.” I’ve heard it a lot this year – those same three words.  Maybe it’s because they roll off the tongue so easily and are challenged by almost no one. Maybe it’s because in order to show others … Continue reading

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Why online obituaries? has been helping remember people’s lives for more than a decade. It is among the 100 most visited website domains in the U.S. However, the brand name is not well known, and we’re ok with that. Our goal … Continue reading

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