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I joined in 2000 as an obituary writer. In the years since, I've done a little of everything for our Operations team, from content review to customer service to creating web pages for funeral homes to training new employees to my current position, Content Manager. I love this position, because I get to write little bits & longer pieces - whatever's needed at the moment - and I get to proofread a lot, satisfying my inner nitpicker. And I love being on the blog team, because I get to write interesting features for the blog. I love to write! In my spare time, I... can you guess?... write. I'm hoping that one day I can add "published novelist" to my bio. I also enjoy working in my vegetable garden and cooking, baking, canning, making ice cream, and pretty much anything else in the kitchen. I love to read, compete in trivia contests, and attempt to keep up with my Netflix queue.

5 condolences: birthday parties

I have never been able to resist a birthday party. Every year, especially now as I get ever-closer to 40, I think, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t do a party this year – I’ll just invite a few of my best … Continue reading

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New ObitFinder™ app for iPhone

Great news for iPhone users: you can now use on the go with our brand new ObitFinder™ app. The app is easy to use and puts’s database of millions of obituaries and Guest Books at your fingertips – … Continue reading

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5 condolences: In your honor

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a day when we might remember loved ones we’ve lost by offering a toast to their memory – or by eating one of their favorite foods in their honor. It’s a favorite way to … Continue reading

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Thankgiving is a time when traditions really drive what we do – we try to make the stuffing exactly like Mom made it; we say a special blessing at the table; we sack out in front of the game after dinner. … Continue reading

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Saluting our veterans

Veterans Day is this Friday, November 11. Veterans Day falls on November 11 every year – unlike other federal holidays that switch dates to always fall on Mondays – in honor of the signing of the armistice that ended World … Continue reading

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5 condolences: Caretakers

A caretaker can be so much more than someone who helps with baths and medicines. As the name implies, they care – and they bestow attention and, often, affection as a life comes to its close. Whether the caretaker is a family member … Continue reading

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Searching for @Legacy

What brings readers to @Legacy? It’s something we ask ourselves often as we prepare new posts. We’re here to give you an inside look at, and we do our best to provide useful and insightful content that keeps you … Continue reading

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5 condolences: Aunts and nieces

A little over seven months ago, I became an aunt for the first time… and I discovered just how much you can love a kid who isn’t even your own. My niece Ruby is, in my humble opinion, absolutely the … Continue reading

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5 condolences: Playing dress-up

When I was a kid, my Grandma Betty had the most wonderful thing in her basement rec room – a trunk filled to the brim with her clothes from when she was a young woman in the 1930s, ’40s and … Continue reading

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Meet the screeners

Back in February, we invited you to meet a few of our content screeners, the folks who keep the wheels turning around here as they review thousands of Guest Book entries every day. Today we’d like to introduce a few … Continue reading

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