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September 11: A day of mourning

The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was recently back to work after having taken a long honeymoon vacation. I was working in HR at the time and entered my boss’ office to prepare for a meeting. I overheard some … Continue reading

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Healthy social life, healthy old age

Mississippi Winn, the oldest African-American in the U.S., recently passed away at the impressive age of 113 – and she always felt young. People all over the world are fascinated with men and women who live to age 100 and … Continue reading

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Guest Book recipes

One night while at work screening Guest Book entries, I learned of a big snowstorm headed this way. The funny thing is that I was made aware of the storm from the Guest Book entries themselves. Entry after entry, everyone … Continue reading

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My life as a Guest Book screener

I’ve been screening Guest Book entries at for nearly five years. Technically, it’s a “reading” job. Though sometimes it feels more like being an invisible referee—making sure everyone plays by the rules (no copyrighted works, please) and remembers to, … Continue reading

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