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I was a writer for People magazine when I met Stopher back in 1999. His desire to do good and his vision for a website where “life stories live on” appealed to me, both as a journalist and as someone whose grandmother had recently passed away. A decade later, my title at is Chief Operating Officer, a.k.a. Jill-of-all-trades. Among my responsibilities is customer service. I was fortunate to learn about the importance of bending over backwards for every customer early in my career, as a manager for clothing company Esprit. Their motto – the “customer is always right” – is one we embrace here at Content is also part of my world and that includes the extensive review process we have in place for our obituaries and Guest Book entries. It’s a difficult undertaking to review every entry before it goes online, but we believe it’s essential in such as sensitive category. I also am the spokeswoman for the company, the thinking being that a former reporter knows what a reporter needs. Being an interviewee has made me wish I’d been more empathetic when I was the interviewer. It’s an intimidating process! When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family, here in Evanston and in New Orleans, where I grew up and worked for The Times-Picayune, a affiliate.

Customer service: Going above and beyond

I still vividly remember the day 30-plus years ago, when a high school classmate announced that she had received a box full of Mars bars from the candy company of the same name. My friend had written to complain that … Continue reading

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