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I joined in 2000 as a part-time Guest Book screener, and since then have served in numerous roles across all parts of the company, from Operations to Sales to Analytics. During my time with Legacy, I had the opportunity to manage our In Remembrance site, dedicated to men and women killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. My current role focuses on advertising initiatives and business development. I am originally from Louisiana and now live in Baton Rouge with my wife Rebecca, daughter Evie, and dog Rudy. I enjoy cooking, reading, working in the yard, and loudly cheering on (and tailgating for) our beloved LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints.

5 condolences: Football

The end of summer signals many new beginnings, and one of the more anticipated: kickoff. There is much ceremony in the first pitch of Opening Day, but it’s all pomp: the pitch is over in a flash. Not so for … Continue reading

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September 11th: building a remembrance site

Like millions of others on Tuesday, September 11th, we were headed to the office. Like millions of others, we tried to work with racing minds and heavy hearts as the day progressed. Unlike millions of others, our work brought us in touch … Continue reading

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