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I joined in 2005 as a part-time content screener. I moved to the customer service team in 2007 and shortly thereafter added client service to my arsenal (working with newspaper affiliates and funeral home partners). In 2009, I was honored with the position of Client Support Manager, overseeing both customer and client support. This position allows me to be involved in a little bit of everything here at Legacy. I get to solve mysteries, help clients, advocate for customers and no two days are the same. In my free time, I enjoy traveling (often preferring the journey to the destination), cooking, and spending time with my husband and daughter.

Leaving a legacy of customer service

I remember my junior high school social studies teacher, Mr. Hall, telling us how different the world would be when my classmates and I grew up.  We were becoming a service-focused society, he said, and this would figure prominently in … Continue reading

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5 condolences: Scouting

Scouting encourages boys and girls to take on a positive role in their community and to build life skills.  As a Girl Scout myself, I have fond memories of meetings, crafts and, of course, selling cookies!  I am proud my daughter is … Continue reading

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Remembering Space Shuttle Flights

NASA launched the first Space Shuttle mission in 1981 to much fanfare.   The Shuttle was a revolutionary concept – a multi-purpose, reusable, orbital spacecraft, instead of a capsule fired through the Earth’s atmosphere.  It promised us a new relationship … Continue reading

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Missing a Good Neighbor

Fred McFeely Rogers passed away 8 years ago on February 27, 2003. He hosted a children’s television show on PBS for 33 years. You probably know him best as that show’s eponymous host, Mr. Rogers. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is a vivid … Continue reading

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Notes on customer service: kind words

When families and loved ones contact for the answer to a question, or to seek resolution to a problem, they are often in the midst of some of their most trying moments. Their world is out of balance and, … Continue reading

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