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I joined the team at in May of 2008 as the Affiliate Launch Manager. Today, I am the Senior Project Manager, and have grown to appreciate all aspects of our business from the development team on to the front line customer service crew. Without the collective efforts of all of our team members, Legacy would not be the same. We're an ever changing organization with ever changing offerings for all those who visit our Newspaper Affiliate Sites. I am in Love with my Wife. I hope that I am a good Husband to her, and eventually a good Father to our kids (and a good Dog Parent to my yellow lab Porter.) Every day I find something new to enjoy out of life, and if nothing new presents itself, I still have the Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, and Cubs.

5 condolences: Uncles

On April 15th, 2010, I became an uncle for the first time. Luke Christopher is the first grandson to my wife’s parents, and our first nephew. After spending only a few short hours with him, both in the hospital after … Continue reading

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