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I started working remotely for as a Content Screener at the beginning of 2007. Right away it was obvious that the nature and execution of the work was unlike anything I'd ever encountered before, but it's proven a very good fit since the very beginning. Plus, after riding the el downtown for school and then work for nearly a decade, to not be a part of commuter culture for the last several years has been a blessing. Prior to coming aboard at Legacy, I worked for a public relations firm that handled media campaigns for non-profit organizations, and I also did some work for a ubiquitous international charity organization. For the last seven years I've been a freelance writer of both a technical and creative nature. When I am not working for Legacy there's still work to do, still a lot of living to do, and a tremendous amount of things to learn. After 25 years of playing, I still find time to be "slappin' da bass mon" and delving deeper and deeper into digital music production, both of which I enjoy immensely. I live just outside of Chicago with my wife, my daughter and one cool dog, and we can't wait to move back to the city. Guest Book screening: a job for humans, not bots

After working at for a year I ran into a former writing teacher of mine at an alumni reading event. He was still teaching, still writing and his latest book was forthcoming on a small university press. When he … Continue reading

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