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Austin Luke DeGiorgio (Image via

Austin Luke DeGiorgio (Image via

At we often tell the stories of people who spent decades working to improve the world. Sometimes, though, we find special people for whom making the world a better place just seems to come naturally. One of those special people, Austin Luke DeGiorgio, would have celebrated his 15th birthday today.

Austin, better known to his friends by the nickname “Batman,” was diagnosed with Leukemia during his 8th grade year and fought the disease with all the strength and determination of his namesake. Sadly, Austin lost his struggle this past August, but his memory lives on in the hearts of the many, many people he touched in his short life. He is remembered as a hero to those who loved him, known for acts of selflessness and wisdom far beyond his years. Rather than worrying about himself, Austin expressed great concern about how his illness was affecting his family and friends; and though his time here was limited, he nevertheless made a point to visit other sick children and bring them presents. You can read more about Austin’s life and legacy in his obituary at And you can visit his Guest Book online and leave him a birthday wish, too.

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