5 Condolences: funny memories from school

As I prepared to enter high school, my older brother warned me that upperclassmen enjoyed playing pranks on the incoming class. The classic prank at our school was selling passes for an elevator that was supposed to take you to a pool on top of the school gym. Of course, our school didn’t have an elevator or a pool.

Jokes and pranks like these stick with us for years to come.  Read on to see some of the funny school moments that people remembered years later, and that they shared in Guest Book entries:

  1. Our junior or senior year Todd and I had speech and debate together.  We were supposed to have memorized a poem as a homework assignment then present it to the class.  Neither Todd or I had done the assignment so we decided to recite song lyrics like we were reciting a poem.  He chose “Ice, Ice Baby.”  He recited it like William Shatner does beat poetry.  It was the funniest thing I had ever heard and one of my fondest high school memories.  The teacher never caught on. [Published in The Sacramento Bee]
  2. I have been reliving a flood of memories of fun things we did together as we grew up. Cub Scouts–with Bobbie Turner as our Den Mother, football games in my side yard, school memories–especially 4th grade when we were both in Mrs. Raudenbush’s class. We got in trouble a lot that year, but it was all good clean fun in our opinions. Larry and I, along with our friend Chuck Mason would be kept after school that year fairly often but our teacher would release us just in time to catch the school bus–except one time. Our punishment lasted about one minute too long one afternoon and we missed our bus. Since we had no one at home who could come and pick us up, the Ott School secretary drove us home in her convertible! First time for either of us to ride in a car that cool! It made having to stay after school glamorous. [Published in Kansas City Star]
  3. I will never forget the times we had together at Msgr Hetherington School. Many of the brightest memories that pop out at me were of you, Jenn! What a smile! Always ready with a retort. Pulling pranks on each other and Kevin having to shut the staff room door because WE were too loud and were disturbing the kids while they ate! A staff that loved being together as evidenced by the house parties including the one hosted by you! Yeah it was me that gave you the wedgie as you were looking for your shoes in the front closet! Let your guard down for once! Yeah, and you can thank all the men on staff for the fact that you got 5 of every memo and ATA newsletter; you always were our favourite to have fun with! We shall always miss you Jenn! [Published in The Edmonton Journal]
  4. So many wonderful grammar school and high school memories of Walt–my favorite was when he put a frog we were dissecting for biology in my mother’s dish pan and she screamed. He always knew how to hop on his bike to make a fast getaway!  [Published in Inside Bay Area]
  5. Mr. Garland was a phenomenal teacher to have! I won’t ever forget the picture he would show his students of his younger self with a cowboy hat and a thick, blonde moustache. He would always say, “Who do you think this handsome guy is??” and then gleam with pride when he would finally tell us it was him. He will be deeply missed and remembered by his students for his practical jokes (like his remote control whoopee cushion) and teaching us to pay attention to detail. [Published in The Saskatoon StarPhoenix]

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