Top 10 obituary myths

We recently came across an interesting article that we wanted to share with our readers. Sandra Martin’s “The Top 10 Obituary Myths” is a fantastic comment on the way obituaries have changed over the years. Notably, the obituary has become a forum for creatively remembering a loved one in any number of ways. Martin starts off by boldly dispelling the myth that “Obituaries are about death,” then goes on to smash other outdated preconceptions about the no-longer-humble obit.

In addition to being a good read, Martin’s words might be useful to others who are trying to write an obituary for a loved one. As she says, “What I have learned is that every life is fascinating, if only I can dig deep enough into the past and learn the personal details of my subject’s life and career.” It’s good advice for anyone who’s struggling with what to say – first and foremost, remember that your loved one was fascinating. Delve into her article for that advice and more, then check out our guide on how to write an obituary.


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