5 Condolences: things my mother taught me

Photo submitted to Lois Purdum's Guest Book, published in Baltimore Sun

Photo submitted to Lois Purdum’s Guest Book, published in Baltimore Sun

The best mothers do more than raise us and nurture us – they teach us, too. Of course, there are the early basics: Mom teaches Baby how to eat, how to get dressed, how to talk. As we get to school age, Mom is there to help with homework and to teach us good manners. We move out of the house and Mom is at the other end of the phone reminding us how she makes our favorite foods or giving us advice on handling a big job interview. As long as we have our mothers with us, they are there to teach us… and when they’re gone, we spend the rest of our lives wondering who to go to for advice.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we share 5 condolences that detail the many things learned from Mom.

1. Mom taught me how to be a good mother, how to include God in daily life, how to clean, how to shop, how to overcome shyness, the importance of further education, the importance of being reliable ,the importance of volunteerism AND… how to be a best friend. I thank God for the gift of Mom. [Published in Fort Wayne Newspapers]

2. My Mom taught me right from wrong. How to live in today’s society. Life is an endless game we must all play. She taught all of us to be very strong individuals as she was herself. I miss you Mom. [Published in Norwich Bulletin]

3. My Mommom taught me so much, and I know she will always be with me. Thanks to her I know how to properly make chicken noodle soup, and I know that the best cleaning tools are baking soda, vinegar and walnuts. Being with her and helping care for her in the last weeks have been an absolute honor, some of the most calm and peaceful times we’ve had together, one of the most soulful experiences I have ever had, and memories I will cherish forever. [Published in Baltimore Sun]

4. Thank you GOD for giving me 53 years with this wonderful woman that was my Mother. Never a day will go by that I will not think of her. My mom taught me the most important lessons in life. She always said that Love and Family always come first and that even if the person was not related to you by blood as long as there was Love they were Family. Thanks Mom for helping me became the woman that I am today. [Published in El Paso Times]

5. Some women have to work so hard for grace and beauty. Not her, she was it all without even trying. My mom taught me to trust myself, trust my instincts, dance like no one is looking, sing loudly in the car, laugh a lot and mostly at myself, cry and be open with my feelings, sacrifice your needs for the needs of your children, but most of all she taught me the power of love and the power of forgiveness. She gave me strength because she believed in me. I love you and I miss you so much mom. You were always the wind beneath my wings. [Published in Contra Costa Times]

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