5 Condolences: birthdays

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Gathering with family and friends helps bring light into our lives, particularly in these dark winter months. And birthdays are one of our favorite reasons for a get-together. Whether we’re celebrating a milestone or honoring a loved one who has passed away, it’s always special to gather for a birthday. Today we share 5 condolences about birthdays.

1. I’m sure going to miss visiting you Chris. I’m sorry I’m so far away, in Texas, but I know you will understand why I wasn’t at your viewing. I’m so glad I went to visit you the day before I left for Texas. We laughed and talked about the 100th birthday party we were going to have for you on Feb. 25th of 2013 but now you can celebrate in Heaven with all of our loved ones who are there with you. God Bless all of you and remember that we love you all and we will never forget you all. [Published in The Express Times]

2. Grandpa John was the best grandpa I could have asked for. I have many fond memories of my cousins and I playing in his boat, washing the garage windows (which we were always excited to do), and drinking Grandma’s special “coffee” with him when we were little. It doesn’t seem fair that he was taken from us, because he was loved by so many. Words cannot express the hurt of losing him. I will always remember him sitting in his garage surrounded by his yard sale treasures, cracking a joke, and listening to George Jones and polkas on his radio. A few weeks before he passed, our family threw him an 80th birthday party. There were so many people who attended, a testament to his wonderful personality and good nature. He was always surrounded by friends and family who loved him. I love you Grandpa, and I will never forget you. ❤ [Published in News-Herald]

3. I was so saddened to hear that Jim passed on. Jim was a great friend and a wonderful neighbor to us when we lived across the street from 1978-1983. I have such fond memories of Jim, like the 4th of July fireworks display that Jim was such a big part of for Larry’s birthday party. That was so much fun. I think they shot off fireworks for 2 straight hours! We had so many great times with both of you. [Published in Saginaw News]

4. A special memory for me is attending Aunt Margie’s 90th birthday party, listening to her tell stories and even joining the dance line. Aunt Margie knew great sadness through the years, but she was resilient and still enjoyed having a good time. A great role model for those who knew her! [Published in Dayton Daily News]

5. I was so sorry to hear about Gwen. I love the picture that you chose. This is how I remember her. We were friends as early back as I can remember. She was always at my birthday parties when we were young. One year when we were about 5 or 6, as she and Aunt Dola walked into my house for my birthday party, I was so happy to see her. I threw my arms around her to hug her and said, “Oh, ain’t you glad you came!” We had so much fun together. My the Lord bless you and your wonderful children!! [Published in Press-Register]

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