5 Condolences: chili

Here in the Midwest, the temperature has plummeted in the last few weeks – it’s definitely fall. And you know what that means, right?

…Oh, sure, it means lots of things, but I’m thinking about CHILI. It’s finally time to make one of the greatest comfort foods known to man. Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, full of ground beef or vegetarian, in a bowl or over macaroni or on a hot dog, you’ve got to give props to chili – it’s the food most likely to inspire cook-offs in towns across the country. There are as many variants on chili as there are chili chefs, and as they say, variety is the spice of chili. (That’s what they say, right?)

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In honor of one of my favorite fall foods, we’re sharing five condolences with fond chili memories.

1. Its a gloomy day today, one of those days you’d make a big pot of chili for all of us to eat. So that is what i am gonna do, and try and make it as good as you did. That might be a little hard, as i think you put something in the pot secretly. Mine is good, but i can never get it as good as yours was. [Published in Kalamazoo Gazette]

2. I graduated with Jeff.He was an awesome guy who was kind to all. I bet the angels are loving his chili and he’s riding around Heaven on his Harley. He will be missed by all. [Published in The Daily Gazette Co.]

3. I am blessed to have been under your roof and to have experienced Scott’s hospitality and goodness. I won’t forget it or seeing Scott look so clearly happy there in a lighted corner of the living room surrounded by friends and family, cornbread and chili on the table. I’ll always have that picture in my mind. [Published in The Washington Post]

4. Uncle Rob, we’ll never forget those family gatherings or chili cook-offs when we’d get to see our favorite uncle. The last time I got to see you, is exactly the way many will always remember you. Family and friends surrounding you, Aunt Lucy by your side, and a smile on your face. [Published in Houston Chronicle]

5. I have so many wonderful memories of her, and pictures to go with those. Her laugh will never be forgotten. Most importantly, she taught me to use cumin in chili for that extra “something”! [Published in Rockford Register Star]

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