5 condolences: ice cream trucks

A clanging bell, a whistle, the melody of “Turkey in the Straw” – every child knows the unmistakable sounds of the neighborhood ice cream truck.  And while a truck full of ice cream is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face, some ice cream men and women are extra special. They know the names of the children on their routes as well as their ice cream of choice (always fudgsicles for me!), they offer big smiles, and they make each child feel like she is a favorite customer.

This week, we share five condolences about the men and women behind the wheels of neighborhood ice cream trucks:

  1. I too remember him as “Tony the Ice Cream man”. Brought lost of good memories back to me, a much better and simple time back then. He was always so sweet and nice to each and every kid. I do hope he knew that he brought much joy to many people. God Bless him and his family. [Published in Scranton Times]
  2. It’s a sad, sad day for those of us who grew up in Henrietta.  Ken the Ice Cream Man is a bright spot in the memories of so many who grew up waiting for the sound of his distinct bell (he used a wrench to ring it).  Any other ice cream vendors were largely ignored because everyone waited for the friendliest man in the big red truck who welcomed all the kids with “Hiya Tiger!!”  He’d let us hop right in that truck and take as long as we needed to choose our treats!  Five for a dollar!!!!  Ahh, remember when…  Thanks, Ken for the many, many welcomed interruptions in our summer evenings on Blackwell Lane.  I think you were 2nd only to Santa Claus.  You’ll always remain in my treasured childhood memories.  Deepest condolences to the Coakley family on the loss of such a great man who meant, and still means, so much to so many.  Rest in Peace, Ken the Ice Cream Man. [Published in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle]
  3. Ed and April: I will always remember BOTH your mother and father as Mr. and Mrs Softee. I so loved hearing that bell ring in our neighborhood and your mother was always so sweet. [Published in Worcester Telegram & Gazette]
  4. Joe was sweeter than his candy and ice cream. After the Burkes and Piatelli’s, we got his end of season truck load. We would wait every night til his truck pulled into the driveway and we would call up to the Musto’s so they could run down and end the summer nights with a sweet tooth. He came to my kids birthday parties across the street and even years after his truck was gone my kids would call him Joe the ice cream man, even though they never knew him in his ice cream days. He always challenged my husband to a race when he was still driving and even though they never got to “race”. I’m sure Joe would have won. He is and always will be in so many memories of my childhood. [Published in The Boston Globe]
  5. Papa Joe was such a sweet man and loved by my family and I! He will forever have a spot in my heart and childhood memories! The sound of his whistle blowing from his truck would quickly paint a smile on our faces as we ran out to his truck!Wonderful, wonderful man. He will be greatly missed! [Published in Press-Enterprise]

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