5 Condolences: Parades

As my high school band’s piccolo player, I marched in a lot of parades in my youth. Even if you’ve been to dozens of them in your life, there is always something a little bit thrilling about a parade, whether you’re watching or marching. The marchers are excited and a little bit nervous – they want to make sure they do their organization proud. And the folks on the sidelines are eagerly awaiting that perfect baton toss, their favorite patriotic song, or – especially if they’re under the age of 10 or so – all the candy that will land at their feet.

As the 4th of July approaches, parade afficionados around the country are gearing up for another great one, checking the route and picking out their favorite spot to stake out. And folks are remembering great parades of the past, and their loved ones who enjoyed them. This week, we share 5 condolences with parade memories.

1. Modesto, CA was a great place to grow up during the 1960’s with its small town feel. It was even better if you had a cool aunt who would take you places such as the 4th of July parades, haunted houses, roller derby games, even swimming at Nunes’ Drop. These are great childhood memories my Auntie E gave her daughter, me, and my older sister. Thank you for always having time for us, and giving us a lifetime of memories that I’ll cherish forever! [Published in Modesto Bee]

2. I will never forget the kite with the fabulous Ben Franklin drawing that your dad created for us for the Bicentennial parade at Uintah Elementary. Best costume ever, and a wonderful memory for me. (If only I had a photo.) My condolences to you and your family. [Published in Salt Lake Tribune]

3. I can’t imagine having had the childhood I did without your Mom next door. What a nice lady. From the parades to our tire swing to the silly game of Dr Goffey in your front yard. Treasured memories…. my thoughts are with all of you. [Published in Omaha World-Herald]

4. We are so sad to hear about Mr. Alford. I didn’t know him well but was always excited to see him in the Stand Up for America Parade riding his motorcycle. May God wrap his arms around you all during this difficult time. [Published in Savannah Morning News]

5. I will always remember our very own “Sweet Potato Queen” Miz Angie. That was a memorable time for me visiting Jackson, MS with ya’ll and participating in the parade. Always fond thoughts and memories when I think of Angie. [Published in Montgomery Advertiser]

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