Sharing Spencer’s Story has more than 10 million newspaper obituaries in our database.  You might think we’ve seen and read it all.  But we’re regularly reminded that we haven’t.  The latest reminder came in the form of an obituary written by a mother who lost her son, Spencer Seupel, to suicide at age 22.  

Celia Seupel shared in heartbreaking detail her son’s struggles with fitting in and being “manly.” She told of Spencer’s sensitive nature, the tough walls he built up to protect himself, and the way alcohol broke down those walls and left his pain so brutally exposed that he took his life.  It is easily the most powerful obituary I’ve ever read.  I encourage you to read the full obituary in the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Spencer’s story has touched hundreds of people, as evidenced in the condolence messages in his Guest Book. Here is a small sample of those condolences:

*Thank you for sharing your story of Spencer. He will now and forever remain close in our hearts too. I will share Spencer’s story with my seven children and seven grandchildren in hopes that Spencer’s story will keep them alive and strong enough to battle the many vices that will no doubt present themselves in their lives

*I am a stranger that was also touched by your story. My heart goes out to you and your family. I work as a substance abuse counselor, i just wanted you to know, your story was read to a therapy group of young men also struggling with substance abuse, addiction and depression. I hope you can find comfort in knowing that your purpose of awareness was served and the young men were able to learn something from Spencers story. Stay stong.

*I am so profoundly touched and thankful for the most candid and beautiful picture you have painted of your adorable son, Spencer. I share your grief and admire your strength . May God sustain you. I have four young adult children , three very young grandsons ,and a granddaughter who will be entering college in two years. I am going to share this with as many family members and friends as possible. He did not die in vain! God bless you.

*My sympathy goes to you and your entire family. Although I never met your son, your very eloquent and touching story of his life exemplifies what a wonderful young man he must have been. If just one life is saved from your revelations and awareness awakened to some of the problems our youth face in today’s world, your loss will not have been in vain. May your memories bring you peace.

*Thank you for this remarkably honest, beautifully written eulogy for your son. You have given others a great gift by sharing his story, and we will pass it on so that everyone can be touched by it. Peace be with you and your family.

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