5 condolences: Toys

My niece with her new pull-toy

My little niece is coming up on her first birthday in a couple weeks… and I am trying hard to resist the compulsion to spend $8000 on toys for her. But it’s not easy! I love classic toys, and I want to make sure she’s got all the greats – a hobby horse, alphabet blocks, a playhouse, and so much more. It’s not helping matters that my Christmas toy for her – a wooden pull-toy custom made to look like my dog (whom she loves, and follows around the house endlessly when we get together) – was a huge hit. When my favorite little girl loves one thing I picked out for her, it just makes me want to keep getting her MORE!

With toys on the brain, I looked to the Guest Book for further inspiration. I found lots of people talking about toys, and I’m sharing 5 of those entries with you today. And I just might need to look into that magic camera…

1. I had the honor of being next to Roger and Sue at the Rohnert Park Farmers Market this past summer. The kids loved the handcrafted wood toys Roger made and they would leave with big smiles clutching their new truck or wooden toy. He’ll be sadly missed but joyously remembered for the smiles he brought to many. [Published in the Press Democrat]

2. I worked with her many years ago at TG&Y. I remember one year she took her vacation time at the same time the Christmas toys started coming into the store. I normally worked Health& Beauty, Sporting Goods, and the music department, however when she took her vacation, I was assigned the toy department…..it was the year of Star Wars….I have not seen any of those movies to this day because I was so sick of all of having to unpack and place peg hooks for all of those action figures…..of course, Jeannie was thrilled when she came back to work and it was all done:) [Published in The Jackson County Floridan]

3. Mrs. Nuss was such a lovely lady, always ready with a snack or a kind word whenever someone would skin a knee or get stung by a bee. I remember once turning Vicki’s entire living room into a doll house — we set up doll furniture in “rooms” on the couches and chairs. She had the most fascinating toys, including some sort of magic “camera” that would develop unusual pictures when set out in sunlight. And Mr. Nuss had a working pinball machine in the basement. [Published in The Plain Dealer]

4. Uncle Louis and Aunt Rosemary we’re like grandparents to us when we were growing up. I remember visiting there house as a little girl and they always had a box of toys for us to play with … just some odds and ends they had put together for when children came to visit. It wasn’t a big thing but it was so sweet and it made us feel special and appreciated. [Published in Kansas City Star]

5. In writing about the Little People toys, thoughts returned while walking this morning. I believe the container was a Pop-Corn container from the late seventies or early eighties. The kids reading this will know! I recall the young ones entering our home and heading straight for the middle bedroom where this magical can of toys resided. Some needing help, others pulled, or pushed this large can of toys into our family room. Here they were taken one by one from their tin container or just dumped in the middle of the floor. Each child knew every toy in that container and when one was missing they wanted to know where it was! [Published in Orange County Register]

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