5 condolences: funny memories

When my family gathers together, one of our favorite things to do is talk about  funny moments we’ve shared.  There are some stories that get told time after time, and that seem to get funnier with each telling – the time my Aunt Dee dropped the Thanksgiving turkey on the floor and promptly placed it back on the serving tray and took it straight to the table; the time our dog ate half of the carrot cake Mom made for Easter dinner, and we just cut off the portion he touched and ate the rest; the time we were on a family vacation in Jamaica and my Dad (the pastor) and my Uncle George offered a ride to two stranded women walking along the roadside only to discover they were “working” women.  No matter how many times we retell these stories, they always leave us laughing silly.

This week, we share five condolence messages that include similarly funny memories:

  1. I remember things like the day the Mr. Elmore told me how good the rice casserole was that I had made and that he had found in the refrigerator until I told him that it was Zanzibar’s (the Afghan Hound’s) and that the meat was Alpo. He never ate anything I prepared again. [Published in Dallas Morning News]
  2. One of the most humorus moments that I can remember was when he came out of the “closet”. I do belive he was preaching about truth and in the middle of his service he revealed the truth about his baldness by removing his toupee. It was hilarious, I know I laughed so hard I cried. [Published in Richmond Times-Dispatch]
  3. I had a cassett tape for years of you aunt judy and my dad singing “stand by me” down at the little house by the creek in cambridge.. all of you had a bit too much grown-up juice!! You kept telling aunt judy to sing on-key and her and dad were cracking up cuz u were off key!!! [Published in The News & Advance]
  4. I remembered a time when we were there and she was telling this joke to anyone that would walk by and it involved pretending to cough in your fist,which was full of ripped up napkins, that would fly all over the place. This may sound stupid but at the time we laughed for hours about this, I wish I could remember the joke but it was more the action that was funny plus sitting there with little piles of ripped up napkins all over the floor around us was hysterical. People just kept coming over to us to see what was happening because we were laughing so hard and she would just keep doing it over and over again and then others were laughing and doing it to others so there were these little piles of napkins all over the bar. [Published in Syracuse Post Standard]
  5. Once in a New York museum we were standing in a queue when someone pushed in. in front of us. Being a Brit and quite reserved I said nothing, not Rick who launches into a tirade of apologies for taking up her space and how if he had only know that he was standing in her reserved position he would have gladly held it for her. Now I by this time was in “Shock and Awe” at this point the whole line was laughing at his antics. I cracked up when he then started to apologise to the security guard for taking up valuable space in the line etc etc … it was so very funny. [Published in Lowell Sun]

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