5 condolences: Comfort food

The holidays have long since passed, and here in Illinois, cold weather has set in (after a slow start with a weirdly warm December). In the kitchen, that can only mean one thing… it’s time for comfort food.

For me, that means lots of casseroles with melted cheese on top. For you, it might mean your favorite warm desserts… or loaves of fragrant, crusty bread… or piping hot baked potatoes loaded with the works. Whatever food gives you comfort, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a bit as we wait out these frigid winter days. You might even want to melt a little cheese on top (or a lot of cheese!).

I’m not the only one thinking about comfort food as the thermometer drops. Here are 5 condolences about my favorite comfort food, casseroles.

1. She was an accomplished cook. A passion she inherited from her mother. She was well known for her Salmon Patties and Tamale Pie casserole, but no party or potluck was without her famous Guacamole tortilla chip dip. Ironically, she never successfully grew an Avocado tree. [Published in The Sacramento Bee]

2. Lots of good memories of your mom AND your dad while growing up on Melody Lane. We especially liked your mom’s and grandma’s homemade cavatelli, hot and in a casserole dish, making its way from your house to ours. What a wonderful family the DiRusso’s. [Published in News-Herald]

3. To Mary K., Hannah and Bonnie I pray that you as well as myself will do what Frank kept telling us to do and that is to love more. Heaven is a richer place because of his presence. Love ya! P.S. Who is going to make his famous sausage and grits casserole for Sunday mornings’ breakfast? Great times and great memories! [Published in The State]

4. She was a wonderful person and treated me like her 3rd son when I hung around with Randy many years ago. She was the first to serve me tator tot casserole and to this day I don’t think I’ve tasted better. [Published in Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter]

5. We remember her inviting us in for a noon meal with all of you whenever we would be playing baseball, football or basketball in your backyard. Her tuna casserole on toast was just out of this world!! She was always thinking of others and she personified what is was to be a great mother to all of you. [Published in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette]

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