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I recently read a guest book entry from a bereaved mother in which she described buying decorations for her deceased son’s burial site this year instead of a holiday gift. Buying or making things to decorate a gravesite helps take what is generally a sad place and lends it a bit of cheer. It can be empowering, because you are actively doing something to keep their memory alive, to pay tribute and celebrate their life through objects that symbolize who they were and what they loved.

It can also be helpful to have a special place dedicated to the memory of a lost loved one. Whether it is something as simple as a bookshelf with their photo, or as elaborate as a memory garden filled with flowers and a bench for meditating, many people draw great comfort from having a place to spend time and feel close to the deceased.

We regularly hear from customers that the Guest Book is such a place. They can visit it to remember and pay tribute to their lost loved ones. With families spread near and far, it is sometimes difficult to regularly visit a loved one’s physical gravesite. But the online Guest Book is a place they can visit any time of day or night, from any location in the world. The collection of stories and memories make the guest book a comforting place. Reading messages from family and friends can remind them of happy moments, and the Guest Book also provides a strong testimony to just how much one person can touch the lives of others.

Here are some examples of the comments we have received about Guest Books:

“It has been a most difficult year for me, this last 10 days have also been difficult on the anniversary of her passing. Your service has provided a comforting connection for me with her and an outlet for getting through my grief.”

“Thank you so much ,it means so much to me to go to his page and see his picture and read all the comments from all of his friends . I read them over and over it feels good to know he’s not forgotten and that im not alone.”

“It has been great comfort for us to hear words of sympathy from those whom our sister (wife, daughter, mother, aunt, friend) touched throughout her life.”

“It may seem silly, but I can’t let a holiday go buy without “writing to Lori” — It just helps me feel closer to her. I think the Legacy site is a wonderful tool to help people that have lost a loved one.”

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I have worked for Legacy as a part-time content screener since 2006. I studied journalism at Northwestern University, and I am a bit of a word nerd. I enjoy my job because it allows me to read a lot, and write a little also. I find it rewarding to be part of a company providing this service for people dealing with the loss of a loved one. I live in a Chicago suburb with my husband and two teenage sons. As a Boy Scout leader, I get to work with youth and spend a lot of quality time with my boys. I love to travel, and I’m always up for road trips to national and state parks. I like cooking, especially the food of my Greek heritage, and am always trying new recipes.
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