5 condolences: Christmas

I love Christmas every year, but this year is particularly special – it’s my 9-month-old niece’s first Christmas. I haven’t had this much fun shopping for Christmas presents since back in the days when I was still doing it with my parents’ money! I’m sure the rest of my family is going equally overboard for little Ruby, and we’re going to have a fantastic free-for-all when we all get together on Christmas Eve. Then, beyond the fun of shopping for a kid, there’s the joy of seeing my family at their happiest, the delicious food my mom will put out for us, and the beauty of the lights and decorations we’ll see that day. You just can’t go wrong with Christmas, and I’m excited to share it with Ruby for the first time.

Folks are starting to talk about Christmas in Guest Books, too. As we approach the December holidays, we’re sharing 5 condolences about Christmas.

1. Us kids would always wait impatiently every Christmas for that classic 1966 VW bug to round the corner as Uncle Erick was always fashionably late. We knew his red sleigh would not be full of clothes or socks but of toys. The bug would be bursting of all the very best as we would help him in with all his generous gifts! He was our Santa! Laughing, smiling, encouraging and making our Christmas the kind kids dream about! Your heart and smile will be missed uncle Ock Ock! I love you. [Published in The Oregonian]

2. One of my favorite memories of my Aunt Linda was when I was 9. It was Christmas and she gave me a huge stuffed tiger. I named him Bruno the Brave Tiger. I slept with him and he chased many nightmares away. Thanks Aunt Linda [Published in Salt Lake Tribune]

3. One of my favorite memories of Chris is when I was visiting Utah at Christmas one year. He and my cousin both lived there many years. I live in California, and had never seen Christmas lights reflected in snow. Chris, my cousin and I all crammed into the front seat of their station wagon for a tour of the lights. It was magical! The colors and twinkle of the lights and decorations were magnified by the deep white snow. I was so thrilled by how beautiful it was, I made Chris drive me all over several neighborhoods. He did it gladly. We all joked, talked and really felt the Christmas spirit on that night than 40 years ago. [Published in The Record and Herald News]

4. We met Paul 30+ years ago when we all lived at the Little Thicket condos. It was christmas time and Paul brought his daughter, Amy, to our place. I remember the proud papa, smiling adoringly on his child who exclaimed, “Look, Daddy! They have magic bubbles on their tree!” The bubbles were only glass, but their visit was “magic” to us. We still use those magic bubbles to this day. [Published in Houston Chronicle]

5. I was thinking about your birthday and how I always use to put the Christmas Tree up before your birthday. There where times when we had it up for Thanksgiving, when we were going to have the whole family over. or someone from up North. This year it will be hard to put up a tree but I will do it for Dad and Derek and I know that you would want me to. You loved Christmas. You would always try to sneak a peak at what I had. When you were little I had to keep everything at Nanny’s or in my trunk. You would look all over the house one year I put things in the attic. I would do everything just so you would be surprised. Then you and your brother would argue about opening the presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I have to say that Derek won that one. If you had it your way you would open everything at night so you didn’t have to get up early Christmas Day. You would stay up all night so excited that you couldn’t sleep. So many times I would have to wait until 4 or 5 am to put our the packages. You were very tricky. I miss trying to our fox you. [Published in The Palm Beach Post]

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