5 condolences: birthday parties

I have never been able to resist a birthday party. Every year, especially now as I get ever-closer to 40, I think, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t do a party this year – I’ll just invite a few of my best friends out to dinner. It’ll be quiet and fun, and I won’t be up ’til 2 in the morning.” Then I start thinking of who I want to invite to dinner – “Can’t forget Natalie, oh, and Mark, and Jennifer…” – and before I know it, I’ve got a list of 25 or 30 people and it ends up being a party. And I’m up ’til 2 in the morning. And I love it every year!

Young or old, birthday parties are great. We connect with friends, eat cake guilt-free, and the birthday boy or girl gets to be the center of attention for a day. What could be better? Birthday parties make for special and memorable days – and we often remember a great birthday party when we’re thinking about a loved one who has passed away. Today we’re sharing 5 entries about birthday parties.

1. Uncle Bill was my moms neighbor in rives junction for a couple yrs and in that time my kids and I got to know uncle bill very well. He was the kindest man you could ever meet. I used to have him at my kids birthday partys and he never failed to thrill them by bringing a baby pony. I have a bunch of him on video with the kids.Some of the fondest memories my kids have is of uncle bill. [Published in Jackson Citizen Patriot]

2. True friendship is a rare thing, Al was a true friend. Through the years Al and I helped one another a great deal. Al was very generous man. A few years ago he threw a magnificent birthday party for me at his home. He managed to find many friends I hadn’t seen for years and it was a evening that I will always cherish. [Published in Buffalo News]

3. 101! Wow, what a legacy! And what a woman!. Aunt Bernice was always the go getter and nobody could get anything past her. She could give the best hugs. It was great to see her and her big extended family at the 100th birthday party. Could we all be so lucky to have that many loving relatives. God Bless her. [Published in Las Vegas Review-Journal]

4. Our prayers and thoughts are with the entire family. We remember Tio Tacho as the singing Tio, it is true he always brought life to the party. The last time I heard him sing was at my Dad’s 91st birthday party, he made my Dad very happy. [Published in El Paso Times]

5. have so many wonderful childhood memories that inclued your family – all made possible because your mother was the woman she was. At her big birthday party you all had for her at Horizons, I remember you reading the poem “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou and thinking to myself that those words said it all. Your mother truly was a Phenomenal Woman. I will always hold on dearly to my memories of our time spent together. With Love and Respect for your mother and the wonderful family she raised. [Published in Saginaw News]

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