Thankgiving is a time when traditions really drive what we do – we try to make the stuffing exactly like Mom made it; we say a special blessing at the table; we sack out in front of the game after dinner. There’ll be a few quirks each year, of course. A cousin brings a new girlfriend who doesn’t eat meat. Dad makes a last-minute grocery run and buys yams instead of sweet potatoes. The cable goes out at a crucial moment. But the day goes on – and sometimes we discover we like yams better than sweet potatoes, and a new tradition is born.

Here at @Legacy, we started a new tradition last year. We asked our team members what they were thankful for, and we got some great answers, which we shared with you. We loved it so much that we’re going to carry it on. Here’s what some of us are thankful for this year:

Tammy: I am most thankful to be surrounded by amazing people who are supportive and encouraging of me ‘reinventing’ my career path, and for the powerful realization this year that living with less makes for a richer life.

Sue: I am thankful we have a holiday for the sole purpose of acknowledging blessings in life. It’s nice to step back from worrying about all the things we are lacking, and recognize there is also an abundance of good things—not only the big ones like job, home and family, but also those little joys that brighten up a passing moment.

Paul: I am thankful that we don’t have Thanksgiving in Ireland, trying to get organised for Christmas is enough for me!!!!

Monica: I am thankful for my dear parents, who are healthy and independent at 87 and 79 years of age. They will fly from Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with me and my family here in Chicago. I am so blessed!

Melissa: I am thankful for cats that love to cuddle, teenage children I love to cuddle, and sometimes still getting to be the baby in the family even though I’m getting old.

Meegan: I’m thankful for my husband, my two wonderful daughters, and the baby we’re expecting in December. I’m also thankful for my job, which allows me to spend my days with my kids and work from home in the evenings.

Mary: I’m thankful for the little things in life such as words of kindness from family and friends, a good joke, autumn colors, and a hot cup of coffee on a cold, windy day.

Lynmarie: I’m thankful for fruit orchards, u-picks and Community Supported Agriculture–and the harvest preserved in my pantry. For urban farms, urban friends and rural retreats. I’m thankful for family-sized camping tents, cool kids’ flashlights and the ability to build a good campfire. For s’mores, seasoned story-tellers, and my children’s impromptu performances. I’m thankful for drama in schools, fine-arts teachers and each of my kid’s teachers–especially their generous interpretation of the word “tardy”. For second chances, second winds and on-sale coffee. I’m thankful for a good night’s sleep, old pajamas and hosting old friends visting from out-of-town. For new friends, new phases and old traditions!

Linnea: This year, I’m most thankful for all my family and friends who gave me help and support as I bought my first house… and as I moved in! I’m lucky to have such a great network of loved ones. I’m also thankful for a great job with a company I love; for my goofy and adorable dog; for new friends and old ones; and for my beloved baby niece.

Lara: Above all, I’m thankful for the health and happiness of my family- my husband and 2 daughters, and for my dog, Chewie, who makes me smile every day. I am also thankful to live a world that technology has made smaller, that lets me keep in touch with friends and family anywhere, watch shows on DVR, track my fantasy sports stats in real time, and be able to work from home. I’m also grateful for a job that reminds me each day is a gift.

Katie: I am thankful for time spent playing games and baking with my son, snuggling with my baby daughter, cooking delicious meals with my husband, relaxing with my hound dogs, and laughing with my co-workers, friends and family.

Katherine: I’m thankful that my mom’s breast cancer was discovered early and that she was able to successfully complete her treatment this fall. I’m also very thankful for the technology that created mammograms.

Jessica: I’m thankful for my family near and far, my grumpy old cats (hang in there, girls!), being able to walk to work, and summer in November.

Crystal: I am thankful for a loving support system of family and friends. I could not imagine life without them!

Angela: I’m thankful for my three children who’ve grown into respectful adults. At 30 and under, all three are happily married and working, which makes me grateful as well. They’ve given me four beautiful grandchildren and I’m thankful for each one, especially my girls: new addition, Ava Christine, four months old, and cancer survivor, Abigail Elise, 21 months old. Abigail is a miracle. She was born with neuroblastoma and has come through 2 surgeries and chemotherapy, but today, you’d never know it! I thank God for my family and how He’s blessed us and I look forward to cooking up a storm at my Thanksgiving feast.

Alene: I took a walk…
and where the green gray of the lake
met the blue gray of the sky
just before the rest of the world curved off
out of sight
there was a line
intensest blueblackgreen
the color of mile after mile of lake
folded in upon itself
wind broken
foam flecked
I’m grateful for that.

About Linnea

I joined in 2000 as an obituary writer. In the years since, I've done a little of everything for our Operations team, from content review to customer service to creating web pages for funeral homes to training new employees to my current position, Content Manager. I love this position, because I get to write little bits & longer pieces - whatever's needed at the moment - and I get to proofread a lot, satisfying my inner nitpicker. And I love being on the blog team, because I get to write interesting features for the blog. I love to write! In my spare time, I... can you guess?... write. I'm hoping that one day I can add "published novelist" to my bio. I also enjoy working in my vegetable garden and cooking, baking, canning, making ice cream, and pretty much anything else in the kitchen. I love to read, compete in trivia contests, and attempt to keep up with my Netflix queue.
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