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With Veterans Day approaching, we pause to honor all veterans as we share condolence messages for veterans from five of America’s wars:

  1. wow! I know that Mr, Babcock’s family must have been so proud of him. My grandfather (who was only 6 months older than Mr. Babcock) also lied about his age to join the U.S. Army and serve in WWI. I feel that it was a privilege to have met many of these fine soldiers in my lifetime. Rest in peace, soldier. [Published in Spokesman-Review]
  2. I met Arthur thru his son Gary at football games –at first I thought he was a nice semi-retired guy that enjoyed high school football. Took several years to learn he was a WW2 hero. I also learned that he and my late father were just a couple of days apart on their birthdate. I was also amazed to find out that he was a troop plane pilot since my father was a paratrooper. I tried to talk to Arthur about his WW2 experience but he would usually change talk to football. Just like other members of THE GREATEST GENERATION. He “just did his job” and came home to raise a family. He did a good job on that also. I am a better person for having known Arthur. [Published in Austin American-Statesman]
  3. I loved my brother with all my heart. When we were young we were always with each other. We played together and fought for each other. During WW II we enjoyed watching war newsreels and movies and looked forward to the day when we could join the Marines. I had a disability and was leary of passing the physical for the Marines so I joined the Army. Both of us fought in Korea in the Infantry. Clyde was one year behind me in going to Korea and coming back home. I remember being a patient in Letterman Army Hospital when Clyde was being shipped out. He asked for a leave to come to see me and couldn’t because of training. I asked for a leave to go to Oceanshide to visit with him and Betty. I too was not successful so I went anyway. I had to see Clyde thats all there was to it. [Published in Salt Lake Tribune]
  4. I remember your sweet family from my years of teaching at Kathleen Elementary. Mr. Castleberry spoke to my 4th graders of his experience in Vietnam and I was deeply moved. I have repeated parts of his story many times. The courage to live through and relive weeks of marching through rice paddies with rotting shoes and clothing still gives me chills and has certainly affected my thoughts of young men at war. I wanted to share with you how his one day of sharing with my class had and will continue to have far reaching effects. [Published in The Ledger]
  5. To the family and friends of Sgt Osbourne: Remembering her on the anniversary of her passing. I was abundantly blessed to be stationed in Iraq with her. What a wonderful spirit that dwelled on the inside of her that touched everyone within her presence. As the Senior Minister of the Gospel service in Iraq where she faithfully attended, I can say she brought much joy to our congregation just with her presence and the love she had for her God and her people. On my first sermon that I preached in Iraq, she brought the opening prayer and the spirit of the Lord fell on that place. She will forever live in all of our hearts who knew her and will forever remember her wonderful smile. [Published in The Miami Herald]

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