5 condolences: Caretakers

A caretaker can be so much more than someone who helps with baths and medicines. As the name implies, they care – and they bestow attention and, often, affection as a life comes to its close. Whether the caretaker is a family member or a professional, a special bond is forged between the caretaker and the person needing their care.

November is National Hospice Month, and in honor of the hard workers at hospices around the country, we’re sharing 5 condolences written from caretakers to those they helped:

1. Love,miss and think of you daily.The rock of our family.I thank the lord daily that he let me be your daughter, your caretaker. Dad when the lord created you he then broke the mode. I am sorry that you had to have this terrible disease-alzheimers.I wish people would realize how important it is HUG or say I love you/ Thank you to your parents and kids daily, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Live life to the fullest, Laugh alot-nothing is ever that bad, Love unconditionally -your family will always be there.Look at your life and know that the Lord does not give us any more then we can handle. [Published in North County Times]

2. I had the privlage of being his caretaker at life care.. He had soooo many stories to tell and he had the Bluest eyse that ”captivated” you. he held you with the strongest grip not only because he wanted something, but he had stories.. my sympathies to his faithful and generous wife who has been there for him. [Published in The Republican]

3. I too, was a caretaker of Lucille’s. What a Lady, she was! During our time together she shared the chapters of her life with me and I was struck with such awe. She has done more for the people she met in her life than one could ever hope to do. I pray for peace and contentment for Maureen and all of us who loved her. Know that she truly loved all of you, her children and she was so proud of each one of you. [Published in Courier-Post]

4. Christine dealt with a tough situation with courage, class and dignity. I was honored to be part of her caretaker team. She will stay in my thoughts and prayers. Amy and I are happy that Lucy is now a permament part of our family, and she remains a daily reminder of her sweet human mother. [Published in St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

5. To the Ball family…my wife Suzanne was a caretaker for your Dad while at Fairview Conv. Home….she often spoke to me of how extremely nice your Dad was to her, and I know she enjoyed her time talking with him while he was under her care. I recently gave her some Red Sox material to give to him and it is my understanding that he found great enjoyment in these magazines…she was very fond of your Dad and I am happy knowing that together we brought some small amount of joy to him in his final days…may he rest in Peace! [Published in The Day]

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