5 condolences: Halloween

When I was a kid, I thought Halloween was one of the greatest holidays ever invented – you get to dress up in funny clothes and everyone hands you candy. What’s not to love about that? I have fond memories of running from house to house with my friends and coming home with bags full of candy, cookies, popcorn balls, and other delicious treats.

As an adult, I still think Halloween is pretty great. I get to see lots of kids in cute costumes, and I get to make them smile by handing them handfuls of chocolate. I always buy far more candy than I could ever possibly need, since you can never quite be sure whether this will be the year extra trick or treaters hit your neighborhood. That means that each November 1st, I also get to make all my co-workers smile by bringing in bags full of left-over candy.  What’s not to love about that?

Here are 5 condolence messages about people’s Halloween memories:

  1. One precious memory I will always have, is that of Ricks’ sense of humor. One Halloween he dressed up in dark plastic bags and sat in the corner of his darkened front porch. He would “boo!” and trick-or-treaters ran screaming. He would be so tickled about it. [Published in San Jose Mercury News/San Mateo County Times]
  2. Fall is almost here and Halloween (our favorite holiday) is right around the corner! I remember the year you spent days creating a special haunted house for me and Pam’s party and then we were too scared to go through it! Sorry about that! 🙂 love you Dad! [Published in Gainesvilletimes.com]
  3. Many great memories of Oscar, one favorite is taking Jennifer over to Oscar and Helen’s house in Fountain Valley to trick or treat when Jenni was about 7. She was dressed up as a clown, I hid so Oscar would not know it was her – Jenni rang the doorbell Oscar gave her candy and then Jennifer just stood there thinking her Grandpa would recognize her but with all of the clown makeup he did not. So finally he asked her, What do you want Bozo!?! Jenni said GRANDPA!! Oscar was so shocked it was Jenni and gave her a big hug. It still makes me smile when I think about it. [Published in the Fresno Bee]
  4. I remember the year Amber and I went trick or treating and we started at my house and made it all the way to Brittany Park, and in the middle we switched costumes just so we could get more candy. I know my mom and Michelle were mad, but we had fun!! [Published in Star Tribune]
  5. Virgil and Shirley were the only ones to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved here in 2000. We spent many evenings talking over the fence with them. Shirley always had suckers or cookies for the kids. On Halloween they couldn’t wait to go to Virgil and Shirley’s house. Virgil would hand them full size candy bars and say, “none of them snack size bars for you kids” :). [Published in Kansas City Star]

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