5 condolences: Aunts and nieces

Me and Ruby

A little over seven months ago, I became an aunt for the first time… and I discovered just how much you can love a kid who isn’t even your own. My niece Ruby is, in my humble opinion, absolutely the cutest, smartest, strongest, and all-around best kid ever born! In the past seven months, I’ve made some wonderful memories with her – holding her just an hour after she was born, seeing her huge smile when I walk into a room, listening to her sing and babble happily in her crib, feeding her avocados for the first time (she liked them!). And I know that for the rest of our lives, we’ll keep making great memories together. Since before she was born, I’ve had activities planned for us to do – I want to do chalk drawings on the driveway with her, teach her some of my skills like cooking and gardening, share my favorite kids’ books, and so much more. And I will always have gum.

I’m not the only aunt who has a special love for her niece – we see over and over in Guest Books how important this bond is. Today we share 5 condolence messages about aunts and nieces.

1. I was so sad to hear of Aunt Saline’s passing. She was a wonderful Aunt and was full of love for everyone. She was so proud of her family. I’ll never forget the Christmas at your house when she was “directing” us for Christmas caroling. It was so much fun, and I think of that every Christmas to this day. I even remember my part in the harmonizing! I know she must be smiling down on us right now from heaven. She is Home. [Published in Des Moines Register]

2. Your light is shining! We love you, girl. We will see you again and am so thankful you were with us. There was nobody like you! I’ll think of you everytime I plant something new or work in my flower beds. So glad that we were able to share this love of flowers and plants.Your favorite Aunt “Juanita” [Published in The News Star]

3. Marika my beautiful niece. I think every one would agree that your smile could blind as sighted person. I will always remember the happy little girl with a dynamic personality. When you came to Buffalo and you said as you were boarding the plane back to Washington ” I’m going to miss you guys”. Well you will be Sadly missed. Love, Aunt Cyn [Published in Seattle Times]

4. Aunt Liz, I will miss you so much. I loved your free spirit and your positive outlook on life, even at the worst of times you kept smiling. You were the coolest Aunt. I hope someday I will meet you again. [Published in Concord Monitor]

5. In memory of my beloved Aunt Olga. I have so many childhood memories of her with my mother, her closest sibling. They were two single working mothers when to be divorced was anathema. She sang crazy ditties from the 40’s to us, “mares eat oats…” We had a memorable adventure on Scenic Drive and Rim Road. I’ll never forget it. [Published in Baltimore Sun]

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