5 condolences: Playing dress-up

When I was a kid, my Grandma Betty had the most wonderful thing in her basement rec room – a trunk filled to the brim with her clothes from when she was a young woman in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. The grandkids were allowed to play with the clothes, and did we ever! Not a visit went by without a game of dress-up, pretending we were sophisticated ladies in her high heels (we especially loved the brown suede Springolators), dresses, gloves… the whole works. Grandma had pretty small feet, so it was a special treat to almost fit her beautiful shoes and feel like big girls.

Playing dress-up can be great fun whether you’re a kid trying on grandma or grandpa’s old clothes, a teen getting ready for prom, or an adult putting on your finery for a wedding or other special event. Today, we share 5 condolence messages about dressing up.

1. One of my favorite memories is going to granny and grandfather’s house as kids and she would have a closet full of sparkly ballerina type dress up outfits (just our size) with sequins/sparkles, satin, toile, everything a little girl would love and we would all get dressed up in those. Sometimes we would get a little make up and our hair done too. Then Granny would put on one of our favorite records in the family room so we could dance around in our outfits for granny and grandfather. Our two favorites were the Bear Necessities from the Jungle Book and Big Fanny by Neil Ray. We would get so excited that we would make the record skip from jumping. [Published in St. Louis Today]

2. A wonderful Mom, Nana and Great Grandma. You will always be remembered with much love and affection. I can still see you playing dress up with Kim and Kristen. They would have all of your jewelry, scarfs, and high heels on and we would all laugh. [Published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

3. I will always remember when you lived upstairs from us. I vividly remember all the shoes you used to buy, and when you tired of them, you would give them to me to play dress up. You were always lots of fun and I will miss your infectious laugh. [Published in Pioneer Press]

4. wednesday Judi held our annual grandmother & granddaughter tea party. we wore our dress up hats,boas,pearls. we all looked soooo pretty…lol…had lunch and than had our tea and cakes had makeovers the girls had a ball. [Published in Philadelphia Inquirer & Philadelphia Daily News]

5. Aunt Minnie was the best. When we were little and came to Utica it always mean staying atleast a night at her and Uncle Walter house. What fun we had with her, playing dress up and just having a girls night with our aunt. [Published in The Observer-Dispatch]

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