5 condolences: A toast!

We toast to commemorate happy times, big achievements, special days. And, of course, we toast to friends who have passed away. Today we share 5 condolence messages about toasts.

1. I remember first meeting Peg at her grandson Ed’s wedding. She made a most remarkable toast to the wedding couple. She didn’t hesitate to go up to the microphone and share her memories of her grandson, at length, much to the delight of everyone there. She was a personable, independent, talented, endearing lady, very much loved by her family. [Published in GreenwichTime]

2. I wanted to share one of my favorite memories of Dustin. We were kids, having Thanksgiving at our aunt’s house, and being kids, we were seated at the kids’ table and served food on plastic plates, with plastic cups and plastic silverware. Dustin decided to make a toast, and raised his plastic cup and tapped it with his plastic fork and said, “I’d like to make a toast to the expensive dinnerware.” I am still laughing about it today. [Published in Star Tribune]

3. Here is a toast to Bonnie … She was inspiration. She was dignity. She was courage. She was strength. She could teach by her wisdom and lead by her grace. She was a warrior. She was a goddess. She was everything in between. She was laughter. he was vibrant. She always radiated life. She was real. She was tenderness. She was hope.She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a bestfriend. She was beautiful. She was amazing. [Published in Salt Lake Tribune]

4. Grandma Sue, We love you and will miss you, but you are with God now, and we have hopes of joining you there one day. You led a full and good life, and we enjoyed the times we spent together with you. Let us now have a toast to you, Grandma; but not by raising glasses but by sticking a fork into a “GRANDMA MEATBALL” and carefully raising it up due to the tenderness of it, and falling off the fork, and remembering that aroma off the simmering sauce ready to eat. [Published in Times-Picayune]

5. Roland, his wife and I, along with several other friends from Lansing and Detroit, took a trip to Rio in 1976. He suggested we have a drink in every bar in Rio. We lasted all of 2 blocks. He and I enjoyed Rio every year until I broke the string, in 2002. He will be sorely missed. My toast to him is “To the Good Life”. [Published in Lansing State Journal]

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