5 condolences: Scouting

Scouting encourages boys and girls to take on a positive role in their community and to build life skills.  As a Girl Scout myself, I have fond memories of meetings, crafts and, of course, selling cookies!  I am proud my daughter is carrying on the tradition.  I know she is building lasting memories with her troop, just like generations of girls before her.

This week we bring you five condolence messages about Scouting.

1. I will always remember Betty’s smiling face and quick wit! When I worked for the Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis and Betty and “her crew” volunteered on Tuesdays, whenever I walked into the room they were working they would burst into song…most of the words were made up or old Girl Scout camp songs. What joy she and they would bring to my life. [Published in Pioneer Press]

2. Spent several weeks with you and “our” scout kids in the woods under some unusual weather conditions. Got to really know you and you’re one of the finest people I’ve ever known. From the real world mean streets in the NYC of your youth to the benevolent grumpy bear of a man who was a Foster father to scores of Boy Scout children in the Lakewood area -10 Eagle Scouts. You reminded me that there are standup people in this world and it was my pleasure to have crossed paths with you. [Published in Asbury Park Press]

3. As neighbors, Dr. Joe and “Miss Anne” always bought anything my kids were selling for school or scouts…which was often. The first year the girls were Brownies Miss Anne bought several boxes of thin mint girl scout cookies. When we were delivering them, Dr. Joe answered the door and said in a whisper “Miss Anne is sleeping…meet me around the back…”. As we were not quite sure what was going on…I took the girls around the back and Joe was sitting on a step and said…”let’s open a box and have a few cookies right now…” It was around 5pm and with dinner right around the corner, I thought we would have one or two apiece…I was dead wrong. Joe said “let’s hurry up and eat the whole box before Miss Anne catches us…”…which we did. Another memory of a man who “lived for the moment”…and left smiling memories for many. [Published in News-Record]

4. I was in the Boy Scouts and Explorers with Jody, Robert and Johnny. Their dad was our Scout Master and a great and tolerate man. I will never forget the Jamboree’s and Scout camps and Jody’s little pranks that always kept us entertained and sometimes scolded by his father. He was alot of fun and thinking back at some of his pranks and antics I still smile. [Published in Press Democrat]

5. Elisa was different than the rest of us in our troop (girl scout troop 71447). Whenever we went camping everyone, except Elisa, got into that mood. That mood was being irritable and annoying. Elisa always remained sweet, nice, and always willing to give a hand. She was brave. She went zip-lining. Two-hundred feet of dodging trees and praying that you won’t fall. Elisa went on that zip-line laughing and having a good time. Elisa was an amazing person. She contributed so much to the troop. She was there in dead middle of winter selling cookies outside. She was at the camping trips. She even met a donkey, Bo-bo. I will never forget one memory of Elisa. This memory always comes to mind when I think of Elisa: Elisa riding that horse. At first she was scared, but she conquered that fear and rode that horse! [Published in The Trentonian]

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