5 condolences: Twins

“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins.” – Josh Billings, humorist

The first few months of parenting twins comes with a mixture of joy, panic, exhaustion and bewilderment. My fraternal boy/girl twins are now 6 months old, and although the panic and exhaustion have faded (somewhat!), the joy and bewilderment are more real than ever. I am in awe of their awareness of each other, even at this very young age. When laying side by side, they gravitate towards each other like magnets. Touching hand to hand or toe to toe calms them better than any pacifier can. It’s fascinating to watch them bond with each other as they develop their own unique personalities. Right now I cherish every giggle, grin and babble.

This weekend, Twinsburg, Ohio will host its annual Twins Days festival, when thousands of sets of twins get together to celebrate their unique connections. In honor of the festival, we’re sharing 5 condolence messages about twins.

1. I love you, my LIL SISTER…First I must say I’ll always cherish the memory of the look on your face when we found out you and Chris were expecting TWINS, That was Priceless!I’m so happy I could share that moment with you. [Published in The Columbian]

2. Doris was a wonderful, loving and bubbly person! My favorite story she told me was when she walked into a store and from across the way, she saw her twin sister. She waved and hollered at her twin sister (who waved back) and made her way through the aisles over to her across the store. It was there that she discovered the wall was covered in mirrors and she had seen her own reflection waving enthusiastically back at her!!! I loved it!! She is now laughing and enjoying being with her twin sister in heaven. [Published in Chico Enterprise-Record]

3. To my twin brother, growing up as a twin was the best, always having your best friend everywhere you went was cool, I remember every Christmas we were the first ones downstairs,we always woke everyone up. Being a twin was like getting double presents because we shared everything. Being a twin was and always be one of the greatest joy’s of my life, today part of me died, but part of him lives in me, I just hope that I make the part of him in me proud. The only regret I have is that we didn’t grow old together. Having 5 brothers is awesome, having a twin is priceless, today not only did I loose my brother, I lost my best friend…Twins forever!! [Published in The Times-Picayune]

4. Not a day can go by where I will not think of my Dear Uncle Woody. He meant the world to me – My “Second Dad”. I am forever grateful that I had the honor and gift of being with him the day he passed away and was able to say “goodbye” and tell him how much he meant to me. He is now at peace with his twin brother – my dad. [Published in San Jose Mercury News]

5. I had the pleasure of meeting Ginny when I was a young girl. She & her twin sister Mae would sing & dance around Mae’s kitchen, tell us jokes, share a meal & laughter. They taught us the meaning of togetherness, friendship & girl power. They are as one again in heaven, I envision them dancing, hugging & laughing right now. [Published in Press of Atlantic City]

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