5 condolences: camping

Camping with my brother and our dog

Camping was one of my favorite summer activities as a child.  As soon as it was warm enough outside, we’d load up our car and drive to Yosemite.  Our trips were full of simple pleasures – fishing in the stream, cooking & roasting marshmallows over the fire, singing songs, and going for walks in the woods.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.

This week, we share 5 condolence messages about camping:

  1. Jan was my hiking/biking/camping companion for many years. We started the “grannygears” a group of women who loved outdoor activies. They called Jan and I “The Dipsey Twins”. Jan will never be forgotten. We are sisters forever. [Published in The Columbus Dispatch]
  2. I’ll always remember how kind and helpful Jack was to me on my first Pisgah camping trip at Tampa Prep. On a cold and rainy night, I was worried about bringing my soaking wet Golden Retriever into the tent, but he gave me a big smile and said to get that pup inside. Having him teach me to set up the tarps, manage the campsite, and lead the kids on the trail was like having a wonderful second father. The kids just loved him, and I’ll never forget how we sat by the fire at night and he told me about his dreams for his two daughters and what they meant to him. [Published in TBO.com]
  3. Uncle Floyd had a big impact on my life. He was always there for all our camping trips and gave me my first fishing pole. I remember eating frog legs that my dad and him caught. Roasting my first marshmallow at his cabin and riding on his shoulders when I was little on the boardwalk over hot springs in Yellowstone. [Published in Omaha World-Herald]
  4. When I first met Greg we had a very long chat while we casually walked through an avocado grove in Escondido, California. He seemed to be genuinely impressed when I shared with him that my view of the world was crafted by my parents during the many camping trips we’d experienced together when I was a young boy. At the end of each one of our camping trips my parents gave the instructions that we needed to leave the campground in better shape than how we’d found it. Of course, I thought this had global implications for each one of us. [Published in Orange County Register]
  5. Hal was a great man that lived his life to the fullest with absolutely no regrets. I will think of him often when spending time at the lake. He always seemed to have a spare fishing pole ready for a kid that wandered back to where he was camping. I know this because I was that kid. [Published in Dallas Morning News]

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