5 condolences: Embarrassing moments

Everybody has an embarrassing moment to share… and sometimes we share them in our Guest Book entries. This week we bring you 5 condolence messages about embarrassing moments.

1. Pam and I have been friends for what seems like forever. I looked at Jack and Joanne as second parents who wouldn’t hesitate to speak to me as a second daughter. From day one, Jack always enjoyed embarrassing Pam and I. I still laugh when I think about the night we were at Happy Joe’s Ice Cream parlor with our parents. Pam and I were bored to tears and all we wanted to do was go to the car and listen to music. No arguement from Jack. Gave us the keys and we went to the car. What he didn’t tell us was that the alarm was set and the moment we touched the car, the alarm went off!! We were so embarrassed…by the way, he didn’t turn it off!! It blared for what seemed like forever!! We shrunk down by the side of the building and had to wait for our parents to finish in the restruant. He got a huge kick out of that!! [Published in Omaha World-Herald]

2. I wanted to share a story that my parents told me years ago. During one particular church service as a child, I had been crying and making a scene. Afterward, my mother, who had been rather embarrassed, began to offer an apology. To put her at ease, Pastor Kopp replied, “Don’t worry, that’s how we know they are here!” My parents appreciated and always remembered his kind remark. May God bless Pastor Kopp and keep him in his loving care. [Published in Syracuse Post Standard]

3. I remember your goofy dance “thats the way uhh huhh uhh huh i like it uhh huh” Dad I miss you. I miss your chipped tooth smile after telling your jokes you thought were sooo funny. I remember when you saw my tattoo and licked your finger trying to rub it off. You were so disappointed but so right at the same time. I regret it 100%. I remember you walking into my room when my friend was over and you rapping about being the coolest dad. I laughed but inside I was so embarrassed. [Published in Courier-Post]

4. I remember going to her home in Citrus Heights with my mom for a shower or party of some kind. I went outside to play and I accidentally fell in the mud, getting my dressy pants (bought especially for the event) filthy from waist to hem. I was so embarrassed, and sad, and worried that I had “ruined everything,” and Mrs. Edwards just laughed and said “these things happen” and that she was glad we came. [Published in Daily Democrat]

5. One of my fondest memories is the time I was at your house watching the Michigan/Ohio State game before Helen and I were married. Michigan scored a touchdown to take a six to three lead and I jumped to my feet and let out a hoot and came down on your couch with a sound of a “crack” and I went down all the way to the floor, breaking the springs to your couch. You yelled, “Ken”. I was truly embarrassed (but I got over it pretty fast.). [Published in Midland Daily News]

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