5 condolences: ice cream

Every summer, my folks would pull out their old-fashioned hand-crack ice cream maker and whip up batches of delicious ice cream.  We’d each take turns cranking for what seemed like an eternity, but I was always thrilled by the yummy results.  These days I don’t crank out ice cream, but I do have a deep love for this frozen treat.  Unlike many folks who only eat it when it’s hot out, I enjoy ice cream year-round…even when it’s 10 below here in Chicago.  I almost always have at least 2-3 varieties in my freezer, and I can’t remember the last time I ran out.  Eating ice cream is one of those simple pleasures in life that just makes me smile.

With summer in full force, this week we share 5 condolence messages about ice cream:

  1. One of my favorite memories is from a summer visit to Grammy’s house at the beach. My sister and I heard the ice cream truck from inside the house, but when we ran outside we couldn’t see it or tell where it was. None of the other adults who were around seemed interested in helping us out, but Uncle Tom sprang into action. He told us to jump in the car and chased the bells of that ice cream truck all over Westbrook and Old Saybrook until my sister and I got our ice cream. I think we were the happiest kids on the planet that day. I’ll never forget it, and I’ll never forget Uncle Tom. [Published in The Hartford Courant]
  2. One of my fondest memories I have with my son is how he loved to share with others. When Larry was a young boy he had some friends come over and wanted to take them for ice cream, so he got into my purse and took my only twenty dollar bill I had to live on that week so he could get them ice cream. [Published in Daily News-Miner]
  3. Yesterday as we sorted and organized things at your “condo” we read aloud your beautiful poetry, shed tears over all the wonderful things you’ve kept over the years (many of them things we made for you) and in honor and celebration of you, finished off the ice cream in your freezer (which you ALWAYS had). You must have loved seeing your children, sitting together on the floor eating ice cream and sharing stories. [Published in Deseret News]
  4. Kyle bought me some chocolates today that were coffee flavored. It tasted exactly like the coffee flavored ice cream you always used to get when you took Bryce and me out for ice cream cones. It’s funny how a memory you thought had faded away, seemingly not important enough to remember on it’s own, rushes back to the brain with a simple taste of chocolate. [Published in Star Tribune]
  5. I have many fond memories of Norman and the rest of the family. Growing up on the farm, I remember the many different flavors of ice cream made in the hand crank ice cream maker, the pespi floats we drank while playing horse shoe. Norman was always so easy going and so full of fun. [Published in TheTimesNews.com]

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