5 condolences: Gardening

It’s a great time of year for gardeners – because, for most of us, everything is finally done. The transplants are in the ground and the seeds are sprouting. Annual flowerbeds are starting to fill in and look beautiful. Perennials are fully up and ready to show off their blooms. Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the results of all our hard work (before we hit the busy harvest season!).

Gardening is a popular topic in the Guest Book, as visitors remember their loved ones’ gardens and share updates on their own planting. Today we share 5 condolence messages about gardening:

  1. I am so sad for my loss of you, but happy for your physical relief. I will always miss talking on the phone to you while Im in the garden weeding. Seemed to be our special time. Thank you for always looking forward to my calls, it made me feel very special. I miss you. [Published in Press-Enterprise]
  2. You always were my favorite uncle, as you were always engaging me in “adult” conversations about science and nature things. I remember all the times we used to go for walks in our woods and spending quality time together. I will never forget the summer of 2009 when i came down to jersey and we went kayaking and had dinner together, and how that is one of my fondest memories that we had together. I will very much miss all the AMAZING recipies that you shared with me- most of what you made was just made up on the spot- and everything was always so DELICIOUS. I will miss you bringing up fresh tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and the array of things you grew in your garden. You always lived your life to the full potential and enjoyed what live gave you. [Published in Asbury Park Press]
  3. Nana, we are missing you lots. I love you and miss you very much, already. I have so many fond memories of you. Summers helping you in your garden. In your kitchen making tamales with my Tias, my mom, and my prima Delilah. Spraying us with holy water, and blessing Gary & I before we leave back to Arizonaeach time. You were our glue in our family, and it won’t be the same without you. [Published in Imperial Valley Press Online]
  4. We complained of the cold and snow and both look forward to the warm CO Spring and Summer. These were the seasons that Carol literally bloomed. She always had the most beautiful flower gardens. She seemed the happiest planting and enjoying the beauty of her heartfelt labor. And Laborer she was. Whether working or taking care of her family, home or her next “home improvement” and her gardening. She taught me the ethics of working hard and the beauty of the results! [Published in The News & Observer]
  5. Mr. Clellan (Fondly remembered as Mr. Mac) was my favorite high school teacher. I learned so much in his Biology and Anatomy and Physiology classes. He helped prepare me for college with these classes. He was dedicated to teaching hands on with animals and horticulture from the knowledge he brought from his farm and the green houses built on campus. I recently planted my garden, and it has been a joy to pass on Mr. Macs knowledge of seedlings to my 3 year old granddaughter. It delights me that she is sharing the joy I learned from my wonderful teacher. My garden is thriving and I have named it the Kenneth McClellan memorial garden. [Published in San Bernardino Sun]

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