5 condolences: Cookouts

This past weekend, in addition to honoring veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, many of us got together with family and friends for one of America’s favorite summer activities: a cookout. Memorial Day marks the unofficial kickoff of barbecue season. Even if it’s chilly and rainy – like Memorial Day often is here in Chicago– backyard gourmets just don’t care. They’ll valiantly light the grill whether it’s 50 degrees or 100, and they’ll happily cook pretty much any cut of meat you hand them.

In honor of the joys of barbecue season, we bring you five condolence messages about cookouts.

  1. I also had Mrs.Iseley in both grades. I really enjoyed being in her classes. One of my favorite memories is when the class had a hot dog cookout at her little cabin in the woods, it was such fun. May she rest in peace. [Published in The Times News]
  2. As the days began to warm and the smells of summer wafter through the air, my cousin Elizabeth and I relished in dipping our toes into Meadow Pond on Memorial Day weekend. Some years we would even go in to our knees. The family was up by the house setting out and then savoring the goods from the cookout orchestrated by my grandma, Rose and grandpa Frieswyk. Uncle Peter’s wings, grandma’s charred hotdogs, and chowder were a guaranteed hit. And of course there was always a nice cold cup of Coca-cola. [Published in the Telegram]
  3. I have many great memories of Uncle Bill as I know you do. I have one particularly vivid memory of him grilling burgers under a big Mimosa tree on the farm one summer, joking around, with a big smile on his face. That’s the way I will always remember him. [Published in the Houston Chronicle]
  4. How your delicious steaks you made for us will be missed. We would see the sign 9 miles to Louisvilleand I would call you and you would say “the steaks are now on the grill” Your hospitality will be missed by all of us. [Published in the Courier-Journal]
  5. Uncle Walter was one of those unforgetable people — always opinionated, always thoughtful. I remember all the times our families were together as we were growing up — the birthdays, the holidays, the reunions for whatever reason. He was always the bbq king. [Published in The News-Press]

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