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Yesterday was National Cherry Cobbler Day and tomorrow is Devil’s Food Cake Day.  So today seemed like a perfect day to talk about my favorite hobby – baking!  I started helping my mom bake cookies at an early age, and by junior high I was baking cakes and other treats on my own.  One of the things I like best about baking is sharing with others. 

A couple summers ago, my husband and I found an amazing cake & cupcake bakery that is less than 5 minutes from our house.  I quickly became addicted to their cupcakes.  After weeks & weeks of shelling out $2.50 per cupcake, I decided it was time to start baking my own cupcakes.  And since I didn’t want to eat a whole batch of cupcakes, I decided I’d bring some to work.  After several weeks in a row of bringing cupcakes in to the office, I realized I had started a tradition that I didn’t want to break (and that might have been harmful to break!).  Not only did I enjoy trying new recipes and eating new treats, I enjoyed sharing those treats with my co-workers.

Though it’s not always cupcakes, nearly two years later I’m still bringing baked goods in to the office every Monday morning.  There’s something about homemade cookies, cakes, brownies, and pies that starts the week off well.

This week we share 5 condolence messages about people who love baking just as much as I do:

  1. I remember Uncle Danny baking blackberry pie during his summer visits home to Ohio. He made it a whole day long experience, going into the woods with us to pick the blackberries and afterwards he taught us all good cooks clean up the kitchen or the job is not done. I’m sure all his nieces and nephews remember like I do how special he would always make each of us feel. [Published in Express-News]
  2. She was such a spectacular person who we can all aspire to. I know how loved she was by all of you and all who knew her. Imagine picking strawberries at 95 and still baking all those delicious pies?! We can only hope to have her enthusiasm and spark for life as we grow older. [Published in North Adams Transcript]
  3. Spending time at Aunt Mary and Uncle Donny’s is one of my favorite childhood memories. Not only did they make you feel welcome Aunt Mary would let me help with her canning and baking. That was a lot of fun, I remember sitting in the middle of the kitchen learning how to make dough. She would also make sure before I left that I got a cookie from the cookie jar she made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. [Published in Star-Gazette]
  4. I remember going over to TiTi’s house to bake. We made donuts, fried dough, cookies, breads, and what ever we wanted. I also remember making Hires Root Beer in the basement, later that day we could hear the bottle pop from the pressure of the soda. [Published in The Republican]
  5. Who will I have to bake pumpkin pies for now that Grandpa Jom and you are together? I remember the day that I brought Grandpa a pumpkin pie and before I knew it you both had eaten the pie. I was so honored when you asked me for my recipe as you were such a fine baker and cook. I will miss our conversations at the family gatherings about baking tips. [Published in The Seattle Times]

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