5 condolences: Rainy days

It might not be a popular opinion, but I actually really like rainy days.

It’s not that I’m a gloomy person… although I do love that quiet, melancholy feeling that rainy days sometimes give. Some days, there’s just nothing better than curling up on the couch with a book or a movie and hearing the rain fall outside. And if you know that I’m a gardener, maybe you’ll be even less surprised that I love rain. A rainy day means a day off from watering the garden!

I think about rain fairly often… and so do the folks who sign our Guest Books. Today, we’re sharing 5 condolence messages about rainy days.

  1. I will never forget the rainy day when Aunt Dot and I jumped and splashed through puddles in the parking lot on our way to go shopping. [Published in Connecticut Post]
  2. As a child, I used to love being driven to Nanny’s house on those dark, rainy days, because I knew it meant I would not be playing outside or helping Poppy in the yard…But spending all that quality time inside with my Nanny. There was no greater feeling in the world. [Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal]
  3. Chuck & I first met Frank & three of his little girls on the doorstep of Hunky Dory, a wonderful family vacation resort in Wisconsin. It was a cold & rainy Memorial Day. They’d spent the night in a tent at a nearby campground. Frank was looking for a place to bring the whole family for a week in the summer. Chuck was a great ambassador for Hunky Dory. Frank & his whole family started coming that summer, 45 years ago. They came the same week we did. It’s called “Our Week” as the same 20 or so families come the same week each year. [Published in Pioneer Press]
  4. We were neighbors. In fact, ours were the only houses on Blaine Highway between the Windy Ridge Road and State Route 772 in those days. The school bus didn’t run Blaine Highway back then so we walked, with her brother Kenny and my brother John and sister Mary, the nearly one half mile or so to catch my Dad’s school bus at the Windy Road and Blaine Highway intersection. It was often cold, rainy, and muddy. Me, doing the “manly thing” would often carry her books and other stuff. Brothers and sisters often teased us and called us of being “boyfriend and girlfriend”. She was really cute. I don’t remember confirming thier teasing but I don’t remember denying it either!! [Published in the Chillicothe Gazette]
  5. I remember spending February vacations in Maine and staying with them(Aunt Polly and Uncle Gene, Mark and Kevin)and going to work in the woods with them, cooking hot dogs over the open fire. Then there was Sebago in October , Aunt Polly always made a HUGE pot of fish chowder for the potluck dinner. It tasted so good on those wet and rainy days(those that were there no what i am talking about) There were picnics in the summer, with our trailer in the yard. Oh the good times!!! [Published in Bangor Daily News]

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