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Americans spend billions of dollars each year on their pets – and a big percentage of that goes to our beloved dogs. We spare no expense in keeping our pups healthy and happy… and some of us go far above and beyond with designer outfits, doggy day care, and a vast array of toys that squeak, grunt, and even move on their own. In a world where most mid-size towns have at least one gourmet dog-treat bakery, it’s safe to say that we love our pooches.

As I write, my dog Toby (that’s him in the photo, trying his best to look pathetic) is at the vet, recovering from surgery. It’s been a nerve-wracking morning, and I was relieved to hear that he’s all right. He’s been my best buddy for 12 years, and he’s the funniest, sweetest, goofiest dog. And he loves toys that squeak!

Man’s best friend finds his way into condolence messages a lot. Today, we’re sharing 5 condolences about dogs.

  1. Karen always made me laugh. Somewhere in Heaven, shes got em rolling. And, if dogs and cats go to Heaven (and i like to think they do), They have another Angel to watch over them. Im sure Duffy and Pokey are already walking by her side. Check in on my Grandma, she is a dog lover too. [Published in Arizona Republic]
  2. Lorri, I know your heart is aching as you mourn the passing of your mom, your friend. Go set with your babies, your dogs. They will comfort you in a way no human can. [Published in Roanoke Times]
  3. When I was a new puppy parent, Dr. Silverlieb was so kind and generous in educating me about my dog. When I brought Sonic in one day with a cough, Dr. Silverlieb examined him, then sat on the floor and played with him until he could hear the cough. I was moved by his patience and love of animals. I will miss him very much, and will always be grateful for the care he provided us. [Published in Connecticut Post]
  4. Barbara was great company and always made life fun for others. In later years she took up painting and sent me a charming framed portrait of my dog, Beau K, which I treasure. It will forever remind me of Barbara. [Published in Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  5. I will miss you my friend. You were an amazing, driving force behind Harrisburg Sheepdog Club, a lover of both dogs and people, and a great guy that I can honestly call my friend. Be well, my friend, and friend of all shelties. You’ll always be in our hearts. Go run through the fields with your shelties on the yonder side of the Rainbow Bridge… they’re waiting for you! [Published in Patriot-News]

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