5 condolences: basketball

I’ve always enjoyed basketball.  When I was in elementary school, my brother and I would pack peanut butter and honey sandwiches into a brown bag and walk over to the junior high school courts to shoot hoops.  Mind you, I was never especially good at it.  So once I got older, I learned to enjoy watching others play instead.

But it wasn’t until I moved to Lawrence, KS, for graduate school that I realized what it meant to really enjoy watching others and to be a true basketball fan.  Home of the Jayhawks, the University of Kansas and the town of Lawrence all but shut down on game nights.  Students line up hours ahead of time to pour into the field house and grab good seats.  And the field house is completely full for every game.  Completely.  The energy and excitement is overwhelming, and the crowd goes absolutely crazy when the team wins.  I have a feeling I’ll never experience anything quite like it here in Chicago.

With the annual NCAA “March Madness” basketball tournament starting up this week, sharing 5 condolence messages about basketball seems very fitting:

  1. I remember those great Nanticoke High basketball teams. I went to Meyers (class of ’65) and played on the freshman basketball team. When we played at Nanticoke in 1962, I’ll never forget the fan excitement at the gym. The place was packed, even the balcony, for the freshman game, which never occurred at any other gym. Meyers always lost to Nanticoke in those days. [Published in Citizens’ Voice]
  2. “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Yes, he quoted Yoda, in the locker room, to a freshman basketball player. I’ve always remembered it. I continue to try and will always admire the fact that he continued to do. [Published in The Columbus Dispatch]
  3. Freshman year of high school: Wendy and I were on the basketball team together. I don’t think either one of us were much good, but we had the support of our dads. My dad went to our home games, but Mr. Clark was at EVERY basketball game! He never missed one of his daughter’s games. I thought it was pretty cool that when the team had games out of town (usually in Tucson), Mr. Clark would ride his own motorcycle up behind whatever vehicle the team was riding in. [Published in Mohave Daily News Online]
  4. I used to play basketball with Byron back in the 70’s. Because of his very blond hair we called him “Whitey”. He was a good basketball player and had moves that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Several times that blond headed guy faked, pivoted, and drove around me leaving me flat footed. He was always quick with a joke and just fun to be around. [Published in Lexington Herald-Leader]
  5. Dontay Was the brother I never had. I remember growing up we use to play ball in my parents backyard Almost everyday. We always talked about our dreams and goals as basketball players. Tay Never knew this but I use to try to steal a lot of his moves. I just would not practice his moves until he went home. The funny part was I could never do his moves. Tay Was truly 1 of a kind. [Published in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

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