5 condolences: Sisters

When Katie wrote about her brother a few months ago, I laughed at how similar her history with her brother is to mine with my sister. When my sister and I were kids, three years apart and not too interested in each other’s activities, we rolled our eyes at anyone who said we’d be best friends one day. And then suddenly, one day, we were.

Today, my sister is an inspiration to me, someone who’s not afraid to take a chance and live an exciting life. But she’s not just up on a pedestal being my role model. Most of the time when we’re together, we’re just cracking up or preaching to the choir about our identical political views, trading music or sharing our favorite foods (and our mutual love for hot sauce on pizza and ketchup on grilled cheese). Most of the time, we just have fun.

I love my sister. And, of course, I’m not the only one who has the best sister in the world. Today we share 5 condolence messages from sisters to sisters, and they’re all the best sisters.

  1. Mildred, was our eldest living sister, and loved by all. Growing up she was always the “Lady” of the family and encouraged the rest of the girls (there were 7 more of us) to follow her lead. I was one of the most grateful when she corrected my teenage habit of “walking like a boy” in my blue jeans. [Published by Heritage Newspapers]
  2. A sister is there when you need someone to talk to, to go out with, to share laughter with, to do favors for one another, and to console and give advice. We solved the world’s problems many times. Most of all I will miss you sister Olga. My tears are shed in happiness for you being in my life and sadness because you’re gone. [Published by Hartford Courant]
  3. My sweet sister and best friend, I will miss you so much, all the talks we had and love we had for each other, all the fun times playing cards and watching you get mad when you lost and threw them in the trash can.you were the best sister anyone could have, i could confide in you and talk to you about anything ,you were always there for me and i am going to miss the phone calls and hearing your voice. [Published by The Times]
  4. I was blessed with a best friend and best sister in one package. you wasn’t suppose to leave me all alone yet, we had alot more stuff to do. wear your seatbelt when your flying with “our angels” . Love you to the moon and back. [Published by Kansas City Star]
  5. I didn’t say too much at the funeral–too emotional. But I just want everyone to know Kath was the BEST sister ever. Though we always lived apart as adults, we were still best of friends. We shared cat stories, shopping plans, shopping triumphs, hair and makeup (of course), men bashing, family woes and happy times. We were each other’s sounding boards and often all we needed was to hear the other say “yeah, go for it”, to feel good about a decision. She helped me through so many rough patches….just by hearing her voice and knowing she would understand. I only pray that she knows how much I loved her and what a big gaping hole she has left in my heart. Love you little sis. [Published by The Reporter]

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