5 condolences: centenarians

Earlier this week, Lynmarie shared how inspired she is by centenarians’ lives.  And she’s not alone.  When someone aged 100+ passes away, we receive condolence messages from loved ones, friends, and complete strangers who are amazed and inspired by their long lives.  Here are 5 such messages:

  1. What a wonderful tribute to a life well-lived. Mr. Wilson, in his picture, simply looks like a good man, one who brought cheer and hope wherever he went. I am sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing this glimpse into a life well-lived, and may God speed him on the rest of his journey. [Published in the News-Leader]
  2. We will miss you here on earth but we know we will see you soon in heaven. 103 years old is amazing!!! Keep an eye on our little man coming in December and add one more great great grandchild to your list to pray for! [Published in the Modesto Bee]
  3. Laura was one of the most beautiful and classy ladies I have ever met. She was a wonderful mentor to me in Winning Women and I so missed when she was unable to attend the Bible Study. But she did more in her “older age” than most of us ever accomplished in our lives! What an example of a Godly woman [Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal]
  4. Maxine was simply amazing…always upbeat and always DOING!! She was one of the best and longest serving volunteers at the Science Museum! She never felt sorry for herself and loved keeping up on the lives of others. I shall always think of her laughing, sewing, knitting, going to Myrtle Beach, eating Chow Mein, and just generally getting the most out of life! She was such a responsible person, and she always gave her best and most. I shall really miss her not being around… it was always comforting to know that Maxine was holding up her end of life! Most sadly, Betsy [Published in Pioneer Press]
  5. To the Cochren family, sorry for your loss, may GOD give you his PEACE, HIS STRENGH, AND HIS LOVE in your time of sorrow. WOW!! 104 GOD blessed her with a long long life. She is with GOD now up in HEAVEN and other family members and friends. she is in her huge house and gold streets walking side by side with JESUS. May she R.I.P [Published in San Jose Mercury News/San Mateo County Times]

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