Following obituary updates on Facebook now offers a new way to stay informed of updates to the obituary or Guest Book.  Just click on the “Follow this obituary” link on any obituary and you can sign up to receive alerts via Facebook or email when new entries or photos are added to the Guest Book, or when any updates are made to the obituary:

Select “Follow on Facebook” and the MyLegacies Facebook application will let you know about any new entries or photos and any changes to the obituary by posting an alert in your personal News Feed:

You’ll also be able to view all obituaries you’ve bookmarked to follow by opening the MyLegacies Facebook application:

If you prefer to receive alerts via email, select “Follow via email” and we’ll send an email once a day informing you of updates to the obituary or Guest Book. If there are no updates that day, you will not receive an email.

If you have any questions about our new alert options, send a note to  We’re happy to help!


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