5 condolences: New Year’s Eve

I’ve been around for a lot of New Year’s Eves. I’m not going to share the exact number… but I’ll say that some have been wild & some have been quiet, some have fizzled and others have sparked. A couple of the most memorable ones happened back when I was in high school – and they didn’t even involve anything high school kids aren’t allowed to do.

The last two years of high school, instead of trying to find the biggest parties, I went with my best friend and her family to her grandma’s house. We’d been best friends for years, and we spent enough time together that her family was my family and vice versa, but at first I wasn’t sure what to expect from the family New Year’s Eve party. She said it was a great time, but really – hanging out with someone else’s grandma and cousins – would it be a snoozer?

I shouldn’t have worried. We had a fantastic evening, with a table groaning with dozens of homemade dishes, Dick Clark on TV, several hot games of pinochle, and above all, hours of laughter and joy. It was surely a tamer night than what some of my other friends had… but I bet they didn’t get fed as well as I did. It’s a testament to the good times we had that I still remember them so fondly all these years later (I’m still not sharing exactly how many years).

New Year’s Eve memories are favorites in the Guest Book as well. This week, we share 5 condolence messages about New Year’s Eve:

  1. “Zia” You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You are now with your family upstairs including my “Papa” . Tell them all we miss and love them. I will never forget the good old days on Grand Avenue for New Years Eve. We never gave you the new set of pots and pans we ruined over the years from the banging at midnite. Those were the good old days and the best memories when we were all children and looked forward to these little things on the holidays. That is just one very good memory but there are too many to list. [Published in Chicago Tribune]
  2. I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. She and your dad were both so good to me when I worked at Hometown during college. Often when I am grocery shopping I think of how they taught me to properly pack a customer’s groceries in bags (a lost art). Whenever I hear the limbo, I remember the fabulous New Year’s Eve parties at their home. [Published in The Times-Picayune]
  3. Every New Years eve, I remember the eve I spent at your parent’s home enjoying all the food and playing cards through the night. They were always very graceful and kind. I am so glad I got to know them. May God bless them and the whole family. [Published in Lansing State Journal]
  4. Nan provided Shawn and I with many wonderful childhood memories. She kept us active with walks everywhere, lawn bowling in the backyard, tobogganing, skating, floating sticks down the creek, and playing games like Go Fish, Pit, Hats Off, and others. Those games taught us to be good sports & how to detect cheating! There was never a dull moment and often we couldn’t keep up with her – she was always going top speed. Her neighbours on Panmure Cres. must have loved us when she took us outside at midnight on a few New Years Eves to bang on pots & pans ushering in the new year, but we sure got a kick out of it. The first snare drum she got me started my interest in music, and here I am 30-ish years later still drumming in a band. For that and all the other memories I thank her. [Published in Toronto Star]
  5. Best memory of Poe is when Steve and I were newly weds and we spent New Years eve at Carolina Beach with Uncle Poe and Aunt Racheal along with our Mom and Dad Doug and Ruby, Ruby and Poe sang show tunes in perfect harmony as a large storm was outside. The condo moved with the music. They new how to live! [Published in News Record]

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