Mikayla’s final wish

Mikayla Francis

In August, 6 year old Mikayla Francis was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer.  Last month, she told her parents that her biggest wish was that she not be forgotten after she passed away.  The Herald Sun shared her story, and was instantly flooded with cards and letters for Mikayla. 

Mikayla’s doctors told her parents to move Christmas early this year, as she wasn’t likely to make it til December 25.  So on November 27, her parents celebrated Christmas along with Mikayla’s 7th birthday.  And everyone was shocked when more than 1000 people came to help her celebrate.

Little Mikayla passed away on December 13th.  The Herald Sun created a special Legacy.com Guest Book through which people could share memories and condolences.  And within a day, we had received messages from more than 2000 people who wanted to be sure Mikayla and her family knew that she would never be forgotten.  Here is a small sample:

**Mikayla, I hope that Heaven is as awesome as you are expecting and you have a great time sweetie. Look after your Mummy and Daddy angel. You have touched the nation and will never ever be forgotten.

**You inspired me to stop worrying about all the little things in life and concentrate on what’s important, your story brought a grown man to tears, you touched me sweetheart. RIP Mikayla

**Dear little girl, you will never be forgotten, you are an inspiration to all to love our children with all our might. God bless you little angel.

**Rest in peace sweet girl,you touched us as parents, and made my big strong husband cry many times over the last few months reading about you in the paper and seeing you with your loving Father. My heart breaks for your Mum and Dad..and your family. Warm thoughts.

**Its time to dance with the angels Mikayla Francis, you have taught us so very much in your short little time here on earth – how could you possibly ever be forgotten?

“Touching” doesn’t begin to describe how special it feels to have had a small part in granting Mikayla’s final wish.  She will indeed be remembered by us all. 

To share your thoughts and read others’, please visit Mikayla’s Guest Book.

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