5 condolences: Christmas memories

Christmas cookiesChristmas is my absolute favorite holiday.  I buy presents months in advance, and I listen to Christmas music year-round.  In addition to lots of new toys and family fun, what I remember most about my childhood Christmases are the foods we ate every year –my mom’s tea ring, my dad’s scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, poached pears, Cornish game hens, and on & on.  Oh, and of course, the Christmas cookies we’d munch on all day long. 

Several years back, my husband and I started our own family tradition – we spend Christmas day baking the Christmas cookies our moms made when we were kids.  And just as our moms did, we bake them in giant quantities so there are plenty to share with family, friends, and co-workers (last year’s total was 62 dozen cookies).   Cookie baking has quickly become my favorite Christmas tradition.  And I suspect it’s my co-workers’ favorite tradition as well.

This week we share five condolence messages about Christmas traditions and memories:

  1. He and your Mom came to my parents’ home for Christmas Eve several times when they were here. One particular time, Chuck leaned too far back in a recliner and fell into the Christmas Tree and nearly wiped out ‘Baby Jesus’. At least that’s what your Mom told him. Seeing him lying back in that chair with his feet up in the air was such a shock. Marcia laughed so hard she didn’t even help him up. He was beside himself.  [Published in Charleston Post & Courier]
  2. I will always remember when at Christmas, how much you try to embarrased not just me but Kayla and Karlie by showing off our undergarments by placing it on your head that we had gotten as a gift. This will always makes me laugh.  [Published by Horis A. Ward – Fairview Chapel]
  3. Gram Mary was a very special person to me. When Dick and I got married, she welcomed my sons and I into her extended family with open arms and heart. She introduced me to Whoopie Pies and helped me gain weight every Christmas with her care packages of fudge, popcorn balls and peanut butter cookies. [Published in Bangor Daily News] 
  4. I remember one christmas eve You went next door and karl and I found out your Tree was very dry and when we would tap the branches the needles would fall off. Well when you came back the tree was bare and Karl and I thought we would be in so much trouble…but you just laughed at our antics. [Published in The Observer-Dispatch] 
  5. The other memory that came flooding back into my mind’s eye, as I was thinking of you this morning, was of Christmas. Now I am not referring to Christmas of the last few years, as sadly the hustle and bustle and growing older has stripped away most of the magic and mysticism of the holiday. The Christmas Eve’s of years past though, that is a different story. I recall listening to the car radio as we traveled into Irondequoit from Lima, listening for the announcement of a Santa and Reindeer spotting. We would even roll down the windows to look and listen with uncomplicated wonder for the sleigh. We would arrive at “Gramma” and “Grampa’s” house to find a full size tree just bursting with presents. We would know immediately that you and your best friend were there. The ever distinct scent of Mary Van’s perfume married with your sausage balls cooking in the kitchen made the warm home even more inviting. Voices could be heard throughout the house, in all of the rooms, but one room in particular was the loudest. That was the room you and Mare were in. This is one of my favorite things about Christmas, and it always will be.  [Published in Rochester Democrat And Chronicle]

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