5 condolences: Winter fun

When I was really young, Chicago had a memorable blizzard – one that still gets brought up in winter storm conversations (“You think THIS is snowy? You should have seen the Blizzard of ’79!”). After almost 20 inches of snow fell in two days, it was undoubtably a nightmare for my parents. Not only did they have to clear our long, long driveway – they had to shovel snow off the roof, too, so it wouldn’t cave in.

As an adult with my own driveway and roof, I can commiserate… but at the time I was clueless. All I knew was that there was a TON of snow in the yard (since that’s where it ended up after they shoveled the roof), and it was FUN.

My sister and I dug cubby holes and tunnels in the huge piles of snow, and we’d crawl around, play games, and just sit in the little hollows we’d made. Today, I can’t imagine wanting to sit in a hole in the snow, but as a kid I thought it was the neatest thing ever. And a private, child-sized tunnel in the snow, where adults couldn’t follow – what could be better? I’ve lived in the cold midwest all my life and done more than my share of sledding and ice skating and building stuff with snow, but 1979 always stands out for me, with the best-ever snow memories.

This week we share five condolence messages about winter fun:

  1. Remembering Marie, 35 years ago now, serving us hot chocolate after sledding at the Burn’s hill in your Endwell home. I can still hear her laughing, such a warm, caring mother! And what wonderful children! Smart, funny, interesting, great family! [Published in Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin]
  2. Remember our winter Olympics? What fun we had playing in the snow and ice, then indoor games and good food. Remember plum pudding at Jacques? yumm (ha ha) I loved washing all the dishes after those meals with the grown-up women. [Published in Akron Beacon Journal]
  3. Uncle Dave – I have such wonderful memories of trips to see you and Aunt Edna! Playing in the basement, lunch at the Weathervane, eating Fish Chowder, and of course playing in the snow (my first snowman was built in your front yard)..it is hard to imagine life without those things but even harder to imagine life with you. I am so glad that my boys got to experience Portsmouth just as I did growing up! I love you but I know that you are enjoying life with Aunt Edna and my Grandma(you two were always joking). [Published in Seacoast Online]
  4. I still have the tape of Carmy and I dancing on ice skates together in the parking lot that was transformed into an ice skating rink every winter. Me in my mittens and hat that Aunt Lucy made and Carmy and I holding each other up. We were all one big happy family! He will be missed….love you all! [Published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  5. Mark was a fun loving guy, yet a man of faith. Mark was a good balance in my life when we were together. I recall a ski trip to Korea with Mark and Bill Wargula. Mark was dressed in a large white knee length parka with a light colored fur trimming. Every time he would fall the snow would cling to the fur lining and the coat and you could see very little of his face. We and others on the slopes would all laugh because he reminded us of the legendary Abominable Snowman or a living snowball. I do not expect his many falls on the slope were because he really could not stay upright, but suspect his falls were because he just liked making everyone laugh. [Published in The Oregonian]

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