5 condolences: Grandpas

I only knew one of my grandpas – my dad’s dad died before I was born. By all accounts, he was a wonderful guy and would have been a fantastic grandpa. I’ll always wish I could have known him. And I’m thankful that I did get to know my other grandpa, because he was awesome. My mom’s dad was a champion “fun grandpa,” and I have lots of memories of the good times he created.

He’d load up the grandkids in the back of his old pickup truck and drive us down the country back roads around his house so we could feel the wind in our hair and see, hear and smell the countryside as we rode. We’d thump on the cab of the truck to beg him to go faster and he’d honk the horn, which made an “ah-OOO-gah” sound that was absolutely delightful for a little kid.

When I discovered roller skating, he had the perfect plan. Grandpa and Grandma’s basement was finished but still had a concrete floor – and it was a huge basement, practically the size of a roller rink to my young eyes. Grandpa would push chairs and rugs to the sides of the room and let me skate around and around. He would even humor me and serve as a willing dance partner, although I could never get him to strap skates on his own feet.

And a small but enduring memory… Grandpa always carried Juicy Fruit gum. Not for himself, but for his many grandkids, and for the children of neighbors he’d run into at church, and for any other kid who might be in need of a stick of gum. There’s nothing quite like a grandpa who carries gum.

This week, we share 5 condolence messages to grandpas, from the grandkids who miss them just like I do:

  1. I love you grandpa, I will never forget the role you played in my life. You were always telling jokes and making us laugh. I loved having fresh baked salmon that you caught and grandma would cook for everyone, and all those football games that you and dad would bet over and make so much fun for everyone. I’ll never forget those special days in the summer when you would take us down to Edmond’s in the Model-A. I will never forget all the childhood memories I have of running around the shop and playing at your desk in your office.  [Published in The Seattle Times]
  2. Grandpa, this is a chapter I wasn’t ready to close. I’m thankful for all the wonderful memories I will carry with me all my life. From the weekends on the pull out couch watching scary movies when I was a little girl and getting to stay up late, to the games we played, the camping trips, the family get-togethers that I miss so very much today, watching you and grandma dance and act silly, for the time I ran away for 5 minutes and you talking me out of it…lecturing my dad and then sending me home, seeing you with my first grand baby who is your first great-great grand baby Ryann Rebecca and most of all for all the love I felt when I was with you and Grandma. Whenever my life was crazy I knew I could go to your house and feel better just by being there. [Published in Bakersfield Californian]
  3. Grandpa – I am thankful to have had you as my Grandpa. I have many fond memories with you. You taught me so much. Thank you for your great example, faith, & happy spirit. As a child I always looked forward to eating corn on the cob at your house, as missionary I reflected on your example, today I can take the things you taught us to make my family and home a happier place. We love you and will miss you Grandpa. [Published in Salt Lake Tribune]
  4. Grandpa, We will miss you dearly and remember you fondly. I’ll never forget your humor. Your suggestions to have my babies adopted out made me laugh hysterically and continue to bring a smile to my face. You were one of a kind. Thank you for loving Grandma and taking such good care of her. Together you started a great family that will miss you. You lived a good life. Rest in peace. [Published in Press-Enterprise] 
  5. Rest in peace now Grandpa. You are with your angel and all the pain is gone. Thank you for everything, every time I came to visit you, I knew you would not be with us for much long. You would give me extra long hugs when it came time to say goodbye and you would tell me over and over again that you loved me. I can proudly say that there has not been a day in my life, where I have not felt loved by you. You were the best Grandfather a girl could have and I am blessed to of had you in my life. [Published in the Vancouver Sun]

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